Information about Cambogia

Capital:Phnom Penh
Area (sq km):181,035
FIPS Country Code:CB
ISO Country Code:KH
GRN Office:

Map of Cambogia

Map of Cambogia

Languages and dialects spoken in Cambogia

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Found 17 language names

Language Names Recordings Available
Cantonese [China] [yue]
Cham, Cambodia [Cambodia, Kâmpóng Cham] [cja]
Chong [Cambodia] [cog]
Hakka [China] [hak]
Jarai: Cambodia [jra]
Kaco [Cambodia] [xkk]
Khmer [Cambodia] [khm]
Kouy: Antra [Cambodia] [kdt]
Kravet [Cambodia] [krv]
Krung [Cambodia] [krr]
Lamam [Cambodia] [rmx]
Lao [Laos] [lao]
Pnong [Cambodia] [cmo]
Por [Cambodia] [pcb]
Somaharay [Cambodia] [smu]
Stieng [Cambodia] [stt]
Tampuan [Cambodia] [tpu]

People Groups in Cambogia

Brao; Burmese; Cham, Eastern; Cham, Western; Chong; Deaf; English-Speaking, general; Eurasian; French; Han Chinese, Cantonese; Han Chinese, Hainanese; Han Chinese, Hakka; Han Chinese, Mandarin; Han Chinese, Min Nan; Han Chinese, Teochew; Japanese; Jarai; Kaco; Kampuchea Krom; Khmer, Central; Khmer Keh; Korean; Kraol; Kravet; Krung; Kui, Kuay, Suei; Lamam; Lao; Malay; Mel; Mnong, Central; Pear, Eastern; Rade; Samre; Sa'och; Somray; South Asian, general; Stieng, Bulo; Suoy; Tampuan; Thai, Central; T'moan; Vietnamese;