Rozario - Admin

Rozario - Admin

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My name is Rozario Fernando and I have moved from Dubai after a period of 9 years. While I was working and running the daily run there was always a desire in my heart to serve Lord Jesus in a more personal way.

I was browsing through the internet one evening and looking for volunteering opportunity around where I live and I chanced upon GRN, so I said "why not give it a shot as it's a Christian organisation and I believe in what they do".

My Interview process was very different from what I have had in the past and Dave made sure I was completely comfortable.

I was amazed at this organisation dynamics as we have people from many nationalities sitting and working under one roof for the expansion of God's word in every tongue.

Every Individual is responsible to God with his time as there is no one watching what you do.

The vision of GRN is very broad 'Telling the story of Jesus in every Language'. I like the fact the team is very friendly and self motivated to ensure they play their part in making sure the Gospel is reached out in all the languages.

The daily afternoon prayer times are something really different to what I was used to, we all come together 30 minutes for a prayer time of singing, reading the scripture and praying.

The Wednesday time of prayer from 10 am to12.30 pm is really inspiring as we get to see the work that has been done and how much more needs to be done.

My time with GRN has been truly a blessing for me to see and work directly in the Kingdom of God and to feel that I am contributing my time and talents. I am a part of a great team who are ensuring the Word is sown in all the languages of the world and the fruits will be harvested in time to come. Like how Jesus says in the scripture "come and see".

I would welcome you to come and see the different things we do at GRN and be a part of it.

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