Recording languages in India - GRN India Report

Recording languages in India - GRN India Report

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In 1993, I did an hour recording in M. language, and we distributed at least 500 cassettes through the CNI and Brethren Church. It was the first ever recording in that language, using exclusively a local style.

Pastor P. assisted with the recording process. and placed an order for 500 cassettes. He worked hard distributing those materials to villages. When the people heard the recording in their own language, they were amazed and listened. Many homes played these recordings and expressed interest in the bible teaching it contained. They contacted Pastor the desire to learn more and to request prayer. Over 500 people visited him personally and many of them said that want to be a follower of Jesus.

Before this there were no M. speaking churches in that whole region, but today 2 churches are standing as witness to the power of God's word heard in the heart language of the people through GRN recordings. Over two hundred people have been baptised and they are coming every week for worship.

Pastor P. urged for a new set of Recordings and I sent him our GRN scripts early. Praise God, for the recordings completed in November. Thank God for those language helpers who came from far to help this recordings. I was able to record 18 short messages and Good News commentary this time.

We really had a difficult time to find a suitable location to set up our studio. At last we used a local believer's home. Now we are working on the editing part of that recordings and soon it is ready and we will seek opportunities for distribution.

Our target is to distribute at least a thousand audio CD's among the people with the help of local believers. We have to work with much care and need to involve the local christian workers very much.

Taken from a report by Swapan Roy & GRN Kolkata Family

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