New Year Resolution?

New Year Resolution?

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From the GRN Australia Director - February 2007

Happy New Year to you and welcome to another year of ministry opportunities. Each passing year is another year closer to our Lord's return. We don't know when he will come. We hope it will be soon!

But in the meantime we have a job to do. That job involves making the Good News of Jesus available to those who can't or don't read and those who haven't got it in their own language. It remains a huge task and vital to its success is prayer. Of course, the job is not ours only. You also are involved!

The making of New Year resolutions seems to have gone out of fashion, but let me suggest one for your consideration.

"In 2007, with God's help, I will try to encourage 2 people to join the GRN mailing list and become prayer supporters of GRN ministry."

Our greatest need for 2007 is people; people who will pray for the ministry, people who will work with us in the ministry and people who will support the ministry financially.

Thank you for the part you have played as one of our prayer supporters and thank you for staying with us. May you be encouraged and blessed by your involvement in this work. And may the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be honoured in all we do.

Grace and Peace,

Graydon Colville

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