Chris Mason - Testimony

Chris Mason - Testimony

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Chris grew up on a farm in the Western District of Victoria but at the age of 16 years he left home to live in Melbourne. His first job was working for a newspaper but after several years of doing this he became restless and wanted to explore the world. So he left his job and with a backpack on the back he travelled around the world for about 6 months. After getting back home Chris worked for another year but then due to boredom and escapism he traveled again overseas for a couple of years.

It was shortly after Chris had returned back to Australia that the Lord God began convicting him of his sin and his need of forgiveness. Up until this time Chris had a head knowledge that Jesus was the Son of God but he didn't know Him as his personal Saviour & Lord. However at the age of 26 Chris received God's forgiveness and became a "born again" Christian. God's peace became very real in Chris's life.

After a short time working at World Vision in Melbourne, the Lord showed Chris that he was to go to WEC Missionary College in Tasmania (a College that specifically prepares Christian's for missionary work overseas). Chris trained for 3 years at WEC and it was during that time he met his future wife (Cheryl) for the first time and also received a clear calling from God to work with Language Recordings after his training. So in 1990 Chris was accepted as a worker with LRI. Cheryl had already been working with this Mission for sometime. In 1992 Chris and Cheryl were married. They were both trained as field recordists and received practical experience making recordings in Aboriginal languages. In 1993 they went to Kenya to work at the LRI office in Nairobi. During the time there they recorded in some Kenyan languages and went for short recording trips to Ethiopia and Zambia.

At the beginning of 1995 Chris and Cheryl went to Paris to learn French at a Baptist run language school with a view to future recording work in French speaking African countries. For several months in 1996 they recorded the Good News in a number of languages from 4 different African countries.

Since arriving back in Australia at the end of 1996, Chris and Cheryl have been blessed with 2 sons and a daughter. Cheryl is a full time Mum looking after the children at home. Chris works full time in the studio department at the GRN Australia office in Sydney but has been on a couple of short recording trips to Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia. He also was involved in helping some trainee recordists at a Recordists Training Course in Mexico this year. Lord willing, in the future, Chris would like to make recordings in languages of Vanuatu, New Caledonia and French Polynesia. He would like to see material recorded that would meet the specific needs of the people eg. addressing the problems of ancestor worship with the Gospel message.

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