The Mission of God

The Mission of God

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Several decades ago, Hollywood produced a movie in which two musician brothers embark on a 'mission for God.' Their aim is admirable, even if the movie is not, in that they attempt to raise money to keep open the doors of a Catholic home for children. Throughout the story the point is repeatedly made that their quest is righteous, because after all, they are on a mission for God.

What does this mean, to be on a mission? Does God have a mission? As Christ-followers we don't often speak in terms of God having a mission. We usually say that we have a mission to tell the nations the Good News, that we are missionaries, or that we're on a mission trip. (Many residents of average neighborhoods understand a 'mission' to be a two-year period when young Mormon men walk or bicycle door to door in an attempt to gain converts.) While those descriptions are all accurate, they can miss the larger point, which is that the Church is participating in the mission of God. We often say that we serve a missionary God, and that is truer than we can comprehend. As one writer said, "Mission is understood as being derived from the very nature of God. The missionary initiative comes from God alone...There is church because there is mission, not vice versa."

What do you think of when you hear the word 'mission'? A journey? An expedition? A pursuit? In an age of military conflict, we see armies sent on missions that are usually dangerous, use code names, and see casualties. As children of God, we are on the greatest mission a created being could ever be a part of-seeing the glorification of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through the proclamation of His loving gift of salvation. It is the right mission. It can be dangerous. It is ministry. It is the mission of God.

The Bible is from start to finish a missionary book, for it is the story of God himself reaching into human history to reconcile a fallen and rebellious humanity ...In this sense God is a missionary God...who sends his emissaries, messengers, and ultimately his Son as agents in this story of salvation. - Craig Ott

Director GRN USA,

Dale Rickards.

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