Police Officer Opens Door for Lovetouch Ministry

Police Officer Opens Door for Lovetouch Ministry

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The head police officer in Lamphun personally invited a team from LoveTouch to participate in their regional fair at the Buddhist temple in August. The officer's co-worker, who had been in a wheelchair, is now walking after recently receiving ministry and prayer from LoveTouch.

To make LoveTouch ministry available to everyone in the region, the officer sent out invitations with testimonies of recent healings to get people's interest and to calm any fears they might have. The fair was open to the whole community and featured booths with representatives from hospitals, libraries, building and land, veterinarians, landscaping and gardening.

LoveTouch was the only Christian ministry represented. Out of the 60 who came to the fair, around 40 people lined up to receive prayer for health issues from LoveTouch's team of trained volunteers. Some of the volunteers prayed while others used the LoveTouch device.

"Having a relationship with the government helped open the way with the people," said GRNT Staff and LoveTouch volunteer Phet. "We offered a new type of healing prayer ministry with the laying on of hands and praying one-on-one , even though it was in the Buddhist temple. This was a very different experience for Thai because they are used to bowing down, worshiping and not touching the monks."

Thai Pastor Khamaay, a trained LoveTouch minister, offers weekly healing services at his church just 15 kilometers from the Buddhist temple. While the fair officially closed at noon, Pastor Khamaay stayed until 3 p.m. to pray for people.

Please pray for continued favor with the government and for more doors to open like this one to extend God's love and healing to the Thai in the future.

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