News from Chad

News from Chad

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With the help of the Lord, we have put in place a plan that has resolved many of our problems. I have been accompanying Joseph ( from South Cameroon) and Justin ( from North Cameroon) who have been of great assistance to me. Joseph has invaluable contacts in Chad. He is able to give appropriate advice on the ways of African culture. We have located equipment at the home bases of our three recordists.

We are planning some new projects for recording in partnership with Justin. They are in those languages that are common to both Chad and Cameroon. He will be working from his home base for ease of access to the language areas and to reduce the cost of accommodation.

At Ndjamena, eight teams of translators (SIL and the Bible Alliance) have asked for scripts of the "GOOD NEWS" to work on its translation. What good prospects for the work in Chad.

Written by Daniel Oddon

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