After the Tsunami

After the Tsunami

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by Clair Rulison

Tears brimmed his eyes as he shared with us the situation of his Moken people. His name is Uu. When he was young he wished that he had not been born a Moken. Our GRN Thai team got close enough to these people to begin to feel what they feel.

Original inhabitants on the islands in the ocean where Thailand and Burma meet, many of these folk have never received Thai citizenship. The feeling of not belonging brings a low self image.

Then one day the huge tsunami hit the region. Thousands were swallowed by the giant waves. It was after this catastrophe that Uu began to show an interest in the Lord. He gave his life to Christ and has been a Christian since.

Now he sees the value of making audio recordings in his Moken language. Most of his people are oral communicators. The gospel is the power of God that saves and his people need to hear this good news. Our team is developing a plan with the help of Uu to record appropriate materials to reach the hearts of his Moken people with the good news of salvation.

Clair Rulison and her husband Jon are GRN Thailand staff members serving in Thailand where Jon is the national director.

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