GRN Southern Africa Projects

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  • Zambia Recording and DistributionZambia Recording and Distribution - Progress and plans for The Living Christ program in 5 Western Zambian languages
  • Khoe and San Language ProjectKhoe and San Language Project - Recordings made in the 1970s and 80s for the Khoe and San peoples are now needing evaluation. The Khoe and San peoples live in remote areas and it is important to evaluate recordings and improve distribution to these peoples.
  • Colin the Companion CubColin the Companion Cub - Companion Cubs - friendly Cubs - bringing comfort for people living with Alzheimer's
  • Audio Bibles for Sight Impaired SeniorsAudio Bibles for Sight Impaired Seniors - Many senior citizens have trouble reading the traditional printed bible - now GRN are working to bring Audio Bibles to sight impaired seniors.
  • Lesotho - Roof of the World ProjectLesotho - Roof of the World Project - Provide the resources for evangelists to reach people living in the Drakensberg Mountains, known as the 'Roof of the World', the highest place above sea level in Southern Africa.
  • Venda and Botswana Outreach and Follow Up ProjectVenda and Botswana Outreach and Follow Up Project - Deon Snyders, coworker of GRN Southern Africa, works on the Venda and Botswana Outreach and Follow Up Project
  • Madagascar - Distribution of teaching materials to churchesMadagascar - Distribution of teaching materials to churches - Madagascar: 80% of people are animist, 45% of traditional Christians practice ancestral worship, only 7% of people are evangelical Christians. Be part of the great effort to distribute teaching materials by sponsoring a church.
  • Mozambique - LOMWE ProjectMozambique - LOMWE Project - "When I met him first, Antonio was particularly excited about the first five books of our Look, Listen & Live teaching series, since they also contain teaching from the Old Testament."
  • Project MozambiqueProject Mozambique - Project Mozambique is a Christian organisation, dedicated to working with the churches in the country of Mozambique to help them make a difference in their local communities.

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