The Perils of Travelling

<p>Even travelling by elephant can be risky

Even travelling by elephant can be risky

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Traffic and the behaviour of drivers and riders is often a cause for concern

by Christine Platt

Atta (Togo) was on a recording trip when he had a motorcycle accident. He was seriously injured with internal injuries. Thankfully he is recovering well but still has a long way to go.

Please pray particularly for his eyes which are still undergoing treatment.

Boy and Lot (Thailand) were heading out on a distribution trip in Boy's ute. It was raining and the ute slipped into the path of a truck. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the two vehicles were damaged. In a country where insurance is not widely used, this leaves Boy with a financial headache.

Jason (Philippines) was injured, but not seriously, in a motorcycle accident in Manila. This has led to the postponement of a distribution trip to Kalinga Province.

Dave and Gail Rogne (Vanuatu) were hoping to move to Santo Island before Christmas. They had their ferry ticket in hand and were driving to the ferry with their goods in their vehicle and trailer. The road they were travelling on was in a terrible state and the trailer broke. They missed their ferry.

This reminds me to be thankful for the good roads and safe vehicles I use.

Please keep the dangers of travelling in mind as you pray for our workers taking the Good News to remote communities around the world.

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