An answer to prayer - David - Trainee Recordist

David - an answer to our prayers for a trainee recordist
David - an answer to our prayers for a trainee recordist

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GRN welcomes our latest member of staff, David Sinden, who commenced as a Trainee Recordist in February. David is the first person to join GRN under this program which was introduced in 2017 to increase the number of trained recordists serving with GRN.

David grew up in South-East Asia and comes to GRN with a background in music composition and radio and music production. He has been serving as a volunteer in the GRN Studio Department for over six months and his commencement as a trainee recordist for the next year is an answer to prayer.

As a trainee recordist, David will learn how to record Bible stories and scripture in many different languages and dialects. He will attend a vocational Bible college and will also serve in the GRN studio remastering and programming recordings.

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Please pray for David as he serves with GRN.

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