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GRN has over 6,400 languages in its audio library. Most are accessible online. Pray that more people will become aware of their availability through the GRN website, by the 5fish app, and by word of mouth. Pray for the countless people in many countries worldwide who listen to these evangelistic recordings. May they be introduced to Christ and become His followers.

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La prière est la partie la plus importante du travail à GRN. Rejoignez notre équipe de prière pour recevoir par messagerie des points de prière comme celui ci-dessus et/ou consacrez vous à soutenir la mission de GRN autour du monde: "raconter l'histoire de Jésus dans chaque langue".

  • Prayer ThoughtsPrayer Thoughts - Read Colin Stott's (GRN's Global Prayer Coordinator) articles on some practical aspect of prayer.

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