Messenger II Cassette Player Operating Instructions

Messenger II Cassette Player Operating Instructions

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The "Messenger II" is a simple batteryless cassette player designed to be wound continuously by HAND. It can also be operated by power received from an external source such as batteries, or mains power adaptor, or A.C. mains power. (see items 10,11).

A Battery Holder is also available for use with the player. It holds 4 x UMI, size D batteries, and is fitted with 250mm lead and 2.1mm DC plug.

To operate player by hand

  1. Open the CASSETTE COVER (F). Insert a cassette with the side to be heard facing UP. Push the back edge of the cassette against the SPRING (A) and place the cassette firmly down into the CASSETTE WELL (G). Close the CASSETTE COVER (F).

  2. Press the PLAY KEY (I) (GREEN).

  3. Lift the WINDING HANDLE (E) from its recess to the operating position and turn it in a CLOCKWISE direction at approximately 80 turns per minute. Winding too slowly will give poor sound, but winding at a faster speed will not harm the player.

  4. Rotate VOLUME CONTROL WHEEL (D) to increase or decrease the VOLUME of SOUND. If turned too far, distortion of sound may occur. Increased sound can be obtained by attaching an external speaker. (see item 9).


  6. FAST REWIND MOTION: Press blue REWIND Key (K) and turn winding handle.

  7. To STOP: Stop rotation of winding handle and press red STOP key (H). IMPORTANT: Always press STOP key when operation of player is finished. Failure to do this will result in DAMAGE to the Pinch Roller and possible damage to other parts of the mechanism and cassette tape.

  8. To REMOVE CASSETTE: Press red STOP key (H), lift CASSETTE COVER (F) and carefully lift the cassette from the CASSETTE WELL (G).

  9. EXTERNAL SPEAKER SOCKET (C). For increased sound, connect plug from an EXTERNAL SPEAKER to this socket. (8 ohms impedance)

  10. EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY SOCKET (B) for 6v D.C.. Connect plug from a 6 volt D.C. Power Source to this socket. e.g. A battery box containing 4 'D' flashlight batteries, or a Mains Power Adaptor (Battery Eliminator).

  11. A.C. POWER. When requested, an A.C. power supply assembly can be fitted. This is suitable for both 110-127 volts and 220-240 volts.

Care of Cassette Players and Tapes

  • KEEP CLEAN ... Wipe DUST and DIRT from surface of player after use. Keep in BAG when not in use. A plastic bag is usually provided with each player. Keep Cassette Tapes clean also. When not in use keep inside a dustproof container.

  • KEEP DRY ... Keep player and cassettes away from wet or damp places. When traveling make sure player is in water-proof covering and packed away from places likely to become wet (bottom of canoe or back of an open truck).

  • KEEP COOL ... Do not leave player or cassette tapes in the open sun, close to a fire, or inside a vehicle which is in the sun. Excessive heat will warp cassette cases, some parts of the player, and damage some of the electronic components.

  • KEEP "CALM" ... Vibration is one of the worst enemies of electronic equipment. Make sure the player is adequately protected from vibration at all times, especially when being transported.

Cleaning Procedure

Clean heads, Capstan and Pressure Roller with Cleaning Fluid (isopropyl alcohol or methylated spirits) after every 10 hours of playing time, or whenever red-brown oxide dust sticks to them.

METHOD: Add a little CLEANING FLUID (alcohol or methylated spirits) to a soft cotton tip on a little wooden or plastic stick (not a metal or hard stick). Rub gently to remove the red-brown dust from all surfaces that the tape touches, particularly the Pressure Roller (1), Capstan (2) and Heads (3). Clean all dust and oxide from these surfaces and the surrounding areas. Take care that any loose cotton pieces are removed after cleaning, especially from the capstan shaft.

Press green 'Play' button for cleaning procedure.


Player Maintenance

We desire to help you to keep Messenger players operating satisfactorily. Please request replacement parts. For the benefit of other people, would you please advise us of any recurring faults, returning faulty players if you can not describe the fault.

There are some spare BELTS and SCREWS inside each player case. Additional parts may be ordered from Language Recordings Inc. Your assistance in following matters will greatly help us to develop a better player and provide you with a faster, more efficient service.

How to Order Parts

  1. Please try to explain what is wrong with any part needing replacement, and what may have caused them to fail. Also describe symptoms of how the player sounds and plays, and how many years it has actually been used.

  2. If you have a Service Manual, identify parts needed from the Parts Drawings and quote Part No. and Name plus the Quantity required. If you don't have a Service Manual, quote the player Serial Number and try to give a clear description of the part, what it does and its position in the player.

  3. Include the complete Serial Number and Date of Manufacture of each player for which parts are ordered or feedback is being given. This provides valuable technical information about the machine. The Serial Number and Date of Manufacture are located in two places: in the cassette well, and inside on the bottom section of the case.

Sample Order

Player Serial NumberPlayer DatePart NamePart NumberQuantity
DCEC-0001007 89 MGEN. BELT5G1043
DCEC-0014310 89 MSPEAKER5C1031

To Open the Messenger Case

(Note: This should only be undertaken when service is required or to ascertain why the player is not working.)

  1. Give the winding handle a sharp tap in an anti-clockwise direction and unscrew from the drive shaft (A).

  2. Turn the player over and remove the five (5) screws (B).

  3. Gently pull the two halves apart being careful not to jerk the Generator cable where it is connected to the Circuit Board. To take the two halves fully apart disconnect the Generator lead socket by gently easing it apart with a small screw driver.

Reassembling the Two Halves

  1. Reconnect the Generator lead making sure the locking ridge is toward the spring of the 3-pin connector.

  2. Guide the drive shaft into the bearing in the front case.

  3. Position the Generator lead so that it will not bind between the edges of the case. Ease the two halves together until they fit perfectly.

  4. Replace the 5 screws, noting the 10mm screw for the carry handle. Replace the Crank handle and test that the player is functioning satisfactorily.

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