A Healer Hears

A Healer Hears

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The third South Sudan Trauma Healing workshop took place in October, as planned. Each night of the workshop, the 32 refugee participants representing seven language groups (Kacuma, Kacu­ra, Kidak, Kroko, Kromu, Riloa and Waid)* shared the stories they'd learned that day with others in the camp.

Some told the stories from memory, but others used a hand-cranked recording device called a Saber. Loaded on each Saber were the 20 trauma healing Bible and real-life stories in their mother tongues, along with questions, exercises and memory verses in song.

One morning as participant Ahmed walked back to the workshop with his Saber, he felt prompted to stop at the home of a tradi­tional healer. As he later told the workshop group, "That man has a lot of magic power, and he has always refused to listen to anything from the Bible."

But Ahmed went to visit the healer anyway, leaving the Saber out­side. Children gathered around the device and figured out how to make it work. Soon one came inside with it, saying, "Father, you need to listen to these stories."

The conversation stopped as Ahmed cranked the player and the healer listened. He knew Ahmed needed to get to the workshop, so he sent him on his way, but not before saying, "I want you to come back so I can hear all of the stories."

*For security reasons, pseudonyms are used for the names of people and language groups. Faces are also pixelated.

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