Riaan and Emese Ferreira

Riaan and Emese Ferreira

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Riaan studied mechanical engineering and worked in this field for almost 20 years.

He was walking his own path until the Lord saved him in 1997 and he knew his life was going to change in many ways. His passion for spreading the Good News started immediately. In the following years he was involved with various Christian Organizations and went on several short term mission trips.

It took another 14 years before he became involved with mission work on a full time basis.

Emese has always had a desire to work in missions and she has been with Wycliffe since 1998. She was involved with literacy work in Sudan and Uganda, training mother tongue speakers to teach reading and writing to their own people, and helping them create reading and writing materials.

After receiving her Master's Degree in Translation and Linguistics at a Christian graduate school in Kenya (NEGST), she went to Nigeria in 2008 to work as a translation consultant-in-training. She worked with eight translation teams in six years, training them and working with them to ensure a good quality translation of the Scripture in their mother tongue. After this period she was granted consultant status.

Together Riaan and Emese Ferreira have been working with Wycliffe Bible Translators since they got married in 2011.

They worked in Jos, Nigeria for 18 months supporting the work of Bible Translation. Since returning to South Africa they have been volunteering with GRN from early 2015, seconded by Wycliffe.

Riaan works in the administrative and technical field involved with various projects and Emese has been re-writing GRN material and doing a lot of research work.

If you would like to support Riaan and Emese financially, visit their support page.

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