"Now he belongs to Jesus!"

"Now he belongs to Jesus!"

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On a recent outreach to Guinea-Bissau in West Africa, our GRN Gambia team met an old fetish priest who was a self-confessed wizard. After hearing the gospel from the team, he gave his heart to the Lord. However, he remained troubled over his many past wicked deeds. He was afraid that God would punish him for all the evil things he had done.

The team realized that the truths of the gospel needed to sink deeply into his soul and spirit. So they gave him our Look, Listen & Live teaching tapes in his language, Jola Fony.

The priest's son showed us a nearby shrine house that was full of bones. He explained that the custom was always to offer a big sacrifice for the pagan priest when he died. But the old priest wanted none of that when he died. He said, "No, I am no longer party to this shrine worship. I am no longer a priest or wizard." He could say this because his life now belongs to Jesus!

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