Recording needs in Vanuatu

Recording needs in Vanuatu

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Chris Mason tell us some of the feedback he's received recently about the need for recording in this South Pacific country.

"I was given time to tell about GRN ministry with most of the Church of Christ leaders. The response was very positive... numerous people came to buy the Good News and LLL flipcharts. Unfortunately I didn't have enough.

"I spoke with one Pastor who was interested in having GRN scripts recorded in a language where he works on a small island not far from Santo. He wanted me to send him GRN scripts. The Anglican Bishop of Vanuatu was also interested in having recordings made in a couple of languages in Northern Santo. He wanted relevant GRN Scripts to be sent to him. Pastor Ph... was keen to have recordings done in one or two languages. He requested scripts. Pastor R... (Christian Mission Centre) has a heart for the bush people. They have two church workers evangelising in remote villages, and he is keen for me to do recordings later this year. Pastor P..., the Clerk of the Presbyterian Church for the Northern province of Vanuatu, would like GRN scripts to be sent to him for translating into one or two languages. He mentioned suitable topics could include, fear of the 'nakamas', black magic, the power of Christ, etc.

"As a result of my trip to Santo I have discovered that I could easily spend many months up there! Due to lack of teaching resources in churches, there is also a big need for more GRN visual material in Santo."

(May 2007)

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