Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness

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The Southern 'Weather Coast' of Guadalcanal Island is one of the most neglected and needy parts of the Solomon Islands. It is a very rugged area, with mountains plunging down into the sea, no protective reefs or lagoons, making transport very difficult and unreliable. Two-way radios are uncommon (especially working ones) so communication is almost non-existent.

For around 50 years, most of the area has been under the control of the 'Moro Movement' which has its roots in the turmoil of World War 2 and the readjustment that followed.

In February 2007, GRN's Kim Knight and Jones Sanga set out to visit the Weather Coast. Their aim was to record several languages in the area surrounding Avuavu. They booked a flight from Honiara, only to discover that the flight to their destination was not going! So they flew instead to Marau on the SE corner of the island and took a dinghy to Avuavu. They were able to make recordings in the TOLO language with assistance from some very capable Catholic teachers and the local priest.

From Avuavu, Kim and Jones moved along the coast to Komu Vaolu village, the headquarters of the Moro Movement. The spiritual battle became obvious. To get translations in the local VEURU MOLI language was most frustrating. The Moro leadership always seemed to be 'too busy' to help. Rumour spread that Kim and Jones were there to make money from the recordings so the people wanted payment before they were willing to help. After a lot of prayer and discussion, the work was finally completed. It took nine days in Komu Vaolu village to make a recording of 45 minutes!

Getting back to civilization was not easy either. The scheduled vessel didn't turn up as expected and Kim and Jones were told another 'would probably come sometime this week'! Other options failed, but after waiting four days they were relieved to gain a place on a slow, overnight boat bound for Honiara. The captain navigated by the stars alone as he sailed through dark and dangerous waters.

It was a difficult trip. Kim completed recordings in only three languages. But God is not limited. He can take these few messages of freedom and salvation in Christ to save people deceived by Satan. Pray with Kim and Jones that their efforts will not be in vain - that the Lord will bring people into His Kingdom.

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