It all Started with that Little Cassette

It all Started with that Little Cassette

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A missionary's story.

I was teaching the Bible in a girls school in a country in west Africa. I had a burden to reach Muslims who lived in the area, but they spoke languages other than the ones I had learned. I got a hold of some Gospel Recordings tapes that were done in several languages. I started playing them to groups of Muslims who were sitting around visiting.

One day, a man came to my door and said he heard one of the gospel tapes and asked me to come share the tape with his roommate, Abdul, who was crazy because he was on drugs and alcohol. So we went to visit Abdul to share the gospel with him. After we played the tape we pointed to the sky and told him that Jesus Christ is the door to eternal life. I will never forget that moment, because the clouds were formed appearing like a doorway to heaven. We asked if he wanted to give his life to Christ and he said yes.

Each time I went back to visit with him, I never found him at home. A month later he came to my door looking for a Bible. He said that the day we prayed for him he was completely delivered from drugs and alcohol. Abdul started coming to church and hearing God's word and being discipled. Soon after that he was baptized. By being baptized it made a bold statement to the Muslim community that he was a follower of Jesus Christ. At his baptism he took on a Christian name, Mark.

Abdul told me that his wife, Sofi, left him three years earlier and went to the country of Mali. He wasn't sure how to find her. Being a Muslim she could've married another Muslim man who had several wives. We prayed that he would find Sofi and he went off to Mali. There he found her living with her brother. She had never remarried. Mark saw his three year-old child for the first time, because Sofi was pregnant when she left him. Mark did something that was rare for an African man. He asked his wife to forgive him, and she returned with him to their home country. What a joy it was for me to pick them up at the public transport station.

Now Sofi was a little skeptical. She wasn't sure she could trust her husband. One night I visited with them in their courtyard and I asked Sofi if she saw a change in Mark. She said yes. I explained to her that it was Jesus Christ who made the difference and I asked her if she wanted to give her life to Christ. She said yes and I said if she was really serious then she should come to my home that evening, as there was a lot of commotion in the yard with several children playing. Mark said Sofi bathed their children and fed them quickly so that she could come to my house. That evening she also gave her whole heart to Jesus Christ. Sofi ended up going to the girls' school where she learned the Bible in her language. They said she was an excellent student.

A few years later, God called Sofi and Mark to Bible college. Today they are pastoring a church in one of the big cities in their country and it all started with that little cassette tape from Gospel Recordings.

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