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Swapan reports on an eventful recording and evaluation trip in India

Thank you so much for praying for me all these days while I was out for recording. The Lord did wonderful things through me in this work. Here is the report of my recording trip.

On May 28th I reached Simla, the State Capital of Himachal Pradesh. My contact person was ready to take me to Rohru, which was another 6 hours journey from Simla. We then hired a coolie to carry my things up to Dashalni village. My contact soon arranged language helpers and the same night we started the recordings and worked until 1 a.m. In the next 3 days we recorded Gospel messages and 8 songs and the Good News picture commentary in the PAHARI:Rohru language.

From there I went to Garsari and Tikkri villages, another 2 hours journey from Rohru, and recorded in a different PAHARI dialect spoken in that area. I found 3 language helpers who sang 5 songs and spoke the messages. There we had to spend more time as the whole recording was done sentence-by-sentence. One of them read our Hindi script and the other translated it into his mother tongue and then spoke the sentence with good expression. It took 2 days and a night to capture the PAHARI:Chohara language.

After that I proceeded to Kullu and Manali valley which is 14 hours bus journey from Rohru. Previously our team had recorded a language known as INNER: Seraji, and those recordings had been used a lot. The missionaries working there requested me to make fresh recordings of the same language for a different area, so I went to the Banjar valley and then to Sainj valley, and captured 12 gospel messages in SERAJI:Aurla. Since the believers could not compose songs in their languages, I had no opportunity to record singing.

I returned to Kullu and proceeded to Manali to capture another language called PAHARI:Malana. Malana is 98 km from Manali, and until now, Jesus is not known to them. I really had a burden to capture their language. The people of that valley are very dangerous and they have their own administration. Even the Government has no control over them. However, Balak Ram Malana who promised to help with this work in his language, did not come as his father had stopped him. So we decided to go over there ourselves, but the local believers and the Christian workers told us not to go, as there was a big risk. I was discouraged.

However, the Lord had another thing in His mind. I met Mr. J. Massay, a young man from Punjab who is a famous singer in Kullu. I remembered that 2 years back I recorded 12 messages in the PUNJABI language but since we had no songs, we could not use those recordings. Now I asked him whether he could sing some songs for us. He agreed and came with his team in the evening and sang 4 songs. I praise God as now I can make a PUNJABI outreach cassette.


I took three cassettes with me for evaluation. One of them was PAHARI: Kotgari language. Asha Singh and her cousin came from that area and both of them are new believers. When I played that cassette they were very happy and they called a few of their friends. They loved the cassette and asked me to leave it so that they could make some copies for others. Although I told them that they can place orders to office, but they were not agreed to wait so long. Lastly I gave them the same. They gave a positive opinion of this cassette.

We need to pray that the Lord may take us again in Kullu valley area in October (the best time to work) this year. We must pray even to record PAHARI: Malana language. I have found another most needy area on Hills which is known as Dodra and the people speak PAHARI:Dodra Kewar language. There are some believers from Tikkri who can accompany to reach there. It will take a lot of time and efforts to edit and complete these recordings, so please remember me in your prayer.

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