Hunger for the Word of God

Hunger for the Word of God

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The GRN Bangladesh Team visited 14 churches at Bandarban areas for a story telling program among the hill people. The road to this area is very narrow and life is difficult for the tribes, which are neglected by the government.

The GRN team got the opportunity to visit different hill areas, telling the Bible story among different tribes such as BAWM, KHIANG, KHUMI, LUSHAI, CHAK, CHAKMA, MARMA, MURANG, MRU, BONJUGI, LAHU and the TRIPURA people in Bandarban areas. Local church leaders helped us to interpret in their own language. We wanted to encourage the church leaders to witness by using the flipcharts among the oral communicators in their own community.

Every day we visited different churches for Bible story telling, showing the flipcharts to 30 to 40 children at a time. We also got a chance to visit the primary school students where more than 80 children listened to the Bible story. We had opportunity to share the Good News in the church program where more than 60 people attended.

Although the government restricts the propagation of the Gospel, people are very hungry for the Word of God. The church leaders watched and realized that the flipcharts are very effective at sharing the Good News with oral communicators who understand the story of the Bible very easily. After sharing we distributed the pocket booklets to the children, and flipcharts for the church leaders.

Please pray that these leaders will use our material to share the Good News effectively and fruitfully to their own people in the hill country of Bangladesh.

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