An Awesome Responsibility

An Awesome Responsibility

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A couple of months ago we had a GRN games night at a staff member's home. Several of us were sitting around snacking and one of our team members home from Russia was telling how God was at work among the Yakut, an indigenous people group of Siberia that not too long ago were unevangelized. A recent partnership of several missions including GRN shared Christ with the Yakut and many have become zealous believers.

While we were savoring that piece of information along with the snacks, a home staff member spoke up and said that the small church that she and her husband attended back in Los Angeles had been burdened to pray for the Yakut seventeen years ago. They prayed without ever hearing if their prayers were answered. Until now. And so here at a GRN games night God gave us a glimpse of the link that exists between intercessory prayer and the salvation of the lost.

The link between prayer and evangelism is well illustrated from the ministry of J.O. Fraser, a pioneer missionary to the Lisu tribe of China in the 1900s. J.O. Fraser preached Christ to the Lisu for many years. What few converts he had fell back into the clutches of the enemy. This disappointment led to severe depression and Fraser almost gave up until God led him to form a prayer group in his home country to back up his work with ongoing prayer. As this group took up the prayer burden, Fraser tells of a great lifting of the cloud over his soul and how God seemed to step in and drive back the forces of darkness. In the years that followed, hundreds, then thousands of Lisu families accepted Christ. The Lisu has now become a missionary tribe taking the gospel to other tribes. Some have partnered recently with GRN.

What an awesome responsibility we have as God's people to be serious intercessors for His Kingdom and what a work we have to do. There must be fervent prayer for laborers to be sent into the fields ready for harvest. There must be ongoing prayer for the missionaries we know, that they would endure and be faithful. There needs to be prayer for all of the unreached people groups, preferably by name as with the Yakut. We must pray for the nations, our Lord's inheritance, that He would receive the reward of His sacrifice. We must battle in prayer with forces that are hostile to the gospel.

Let's keep in mind that it is not Islam or Hinduism, or the political or global economic systems that hold the balance of power in the world today. It is the prayers of the saints. So let's take up the prayer burden for world evangelization as Fraser's prayer group did. There is everything at stake-the souls of men and our Lord's glory among the nations.

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