The Rest of the Story

The Rest of the Story

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Now Krishna devotees will be able to hear the Gospel in their own language.

Recordist Swapan Roy

In the last issue of Sounds, recordist Swapan Roy shared some of the difficulties he encountered in attempting to record a language supposedly spoken by the Hindu god Krishna. He told of his three unsuccessful attempts to travel to that area. One of those attempts was a result of getting badly burned from a gas tank explosion the night before leaving on one such trip. Undaunted he prayed for victory. Here is the rest of the story as told by Swapan:

"When we reached our destination to record the Mathura language of North India, we found that one of our intended helpers was in the hospital after a serious car accident. Then the only place we could find to record was in a shed with a tin roof. When we began recording, strange sounds which we could not identify came from the recording machine. We had no idea of the cause so we had to stop for the day. We prayed much that night. In the morning we discovered the problem. The microphone was picking up the electrical sound from a power transformer in the shed. Problem solved, we worked for a long time and finished the 'Good News' and thirteen Bible stories that day. Praise God for all His help. The enemy tried to stop us by his craftiness, but he failed.

"There are hundreds of small and large temples in the area. Hundreds of devotees come from all over India to go there to worship their god. Wickedness and evil are practiced so widely there that the people are confused as to what is right and wrong. Please pray for boldness for the few local believers as they use these new gospel recordings to witness."

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