Impact in Bangladesh

Impact in Bangladesh

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by Graydon Colville

Having just returned from a visit to Bangladesh, I have been excited and encouraged to see and hear evidence of how the GRN Bible Picture books and audio recording, sponsored by the Bible Society of NSW are being used and making an impact in that country. Many of the ministries in which they are being used are too sensitive to give much detail but let me try to give you the flavour...

From James, the local Director of GRN Bangladesh, "The generous help from the Bible Society has not only enabled us to produce these materials here, it has helped us to get them out across the country. The "Good News" and "Look, Listen & Live" flipcharts and audio recordings are becoming known and used all around the country. Before we did not have the money to travel so much. Now many are benefiting from the materials."

From a local evangelist, "These materials are so great. I use them in my ministry in the north of my country and they help me to explain the message of Jesus to people from all different kinds of religious background. They are playing a big part in people coming to know and understand the Gospel. " From Pastor 'J.....', "The GRN recordings and picture charts have been a great help in my ministry to tribal and illiterate people."

A 'blended message' came from several expatriate workers... "These materials are really helpful. We love to use them. They are great for working with children and with adults and among the very poor from different backgrounds."

I was able to briefly use the "Good News" flipchart myself in a small village which was not Christian. Like so many in Bangladesh only a few of the younger people there could read. As soon as I opened up the flipchart, the children flocked around excitedly and began pointing at the pictures. The adults soon gathered to see the large A3 size pictures also, and with the help of an interpreter, I was able to share a few important stories.

Our heartfelt thanks to the Bible Society and its supporters for the major role they are playing in this ministry to the needy country of Bangladesh.

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