Outreach in Sierra Leone

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I am grateful to God for His wonderful blessing and the breakthrough we had in the displaced camps this month.

As you know by now the people that are in the displaced camps came from the northwestern part of Liberia.

1st & 2nd day

We started our work at the VOA Displaced Camps. This place was the VOA transmitter center for Voice of America before the 1990 war in Liberia. It is now used for Refugees and Displaced people.

During our first day of the Jesus Film, we had over 5,000 watching the films. But before we started we met an American Evangelist from Glendale, Los Angeles, California. He had the same video projector. But he never had the kind of screen to cover a large crowd. We all joined together that night and ministered to the people. This was his first time seeing a large crowd to just watch the Jesus Film.

The second night we showed the same Jesus Film with one Old Testament story on Joshua. We had over 11,000 people watching the film again. The 197 counselors and 60 prayer warriors could not count all the people that accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. I gave the challenge for altar call. Normally our altar call comes in when Jesus received the first nail in His hand. During this time, if you were in Liberia, you will see people (old, young and kids) crying for Jesus as if He is personally before them. When I gave them the opportunity to receive Christ, over 7000 persons put their hands up to receive Christ. And since we could not meet everybody personally for counseling, we extended the invitation for the people to meet us in three large churches. When I made the announcement for the people to go to the churches that would meet the needs they have for coming to the altar, we had over 2,674 old, young and children that are demon possessed or in contact with demons that came over for deliverance and healing, 8,451 were delivered through prayer and anointing of oil by our deliverance team in the first two days.

And for those that needed to rededicate their lives, we had 4024 that rededicated their lives to the Lord. 614 Muslim leaders accepted Christ and turned away from Islam. The total of 9,623 people accepted Christ. On Sunday May 5, 2002, 32 churches in the three camps were filled with new converts giving testimonies of what the Jesus Film has done to them.

3rd & 4th day

On the 3rd day we went to the second largest came call Jahtondo Town, by the time we started showing, a black long snake came and encircled us with speed in the center of the crowd. It ran so fast that we could not kill it. The crowd shouted, "Jahtondo Witchcrafts please give us chance to watch our Jesus Film." After the snake ran, it began to rain immediately. It was strange for us to see it rain in early May. We have Rainy Season in June. We quickly appealed for umbrella from the crowd. They gave us two. One for the Projector and one for the generator. After 10 minutes the rain stopped. But while it was raining, the people stood in their positions watching the film. We had a crowd of 8000 that night. Most of the people that live in this camp are Muslims. There was no church in this camp until May 5, 2002, when showed the Jesus Film. At the end of two nights, we had the total of 4,867 people that accepted Christ and went to the churches for follow-up. During the first day of worship, we had 1,012 people. 531 persons that were also demon possessed were also delivered.

5th day

We went to our last camp that is called Risk Institute Displaced Camp. It is called this name because of the Baptist Mission school campus occupied by the displaced people. When we started the film, our amplifier started smoking. I opened it and used my tester but I could not find any damage. We tried it but did not work. But when we could not find the faults, no burning but the tester indicated that the amplifier was fine, we prayed and the Lord directed us to use the 16mm projector that was with us since it has a built in amplifier. This one worked and we laid the microphone near the video projector. After we returned to our office, I discovered that it is working fine.

We had over 10,000 people that night watching the film. And those that gave their lives were 2176. Those delivered from night-men and Ancestor's covenants were 304. Among those converts we had 4 Muslim Imans that turned to Jesus as their Savior.

While showing, lots of soldiers came around smoking marijuana (opium). I appealed to them to stop. However they stopped. But to our surprise, they went into the huts of the people looting their food and belongings. The next morning we were told not to show again before the soldiers looted their homes again. And so we could not stay but had to close the program.

Other activities

During our outreach program, we did leadership training for four days. We had 164 leaders. We covered the following topics: Integrity, Commitment, Christian Family, Prayer, Principles of Leadership, Evangelism and Cassette Ministry with Gospel Recordings Method of Evangelism.

We went door-to-door sharing the gospel by playing our recorded cassettes in 7 languages. We reached 862 family groups with the total of 4,310 persons. We have set up 80 listening centers in the three camps. We distributed 4,000 recorded messages.

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