The team from GRN USA

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  • John is Chief Electronics Technician in our Temecula office. His service to the Lord through his talents is a valuable link in getting the message of salvation on the recordings to the lost worldwide.

  • Dianne serves in the Mobilization Department and also keeps in touch with those who support the mission.

  • Elizabeth is a recruiter for Global Recordings Network USA.

  • Doug is the Systems Administrator for GRN, keeping about 50 computers, the Networking systems and telephone systems working at peak performance for GRN Missionaries throughout the world.

  • Charles serves in the Media Duplicating Department. Stella serves in the Accounting Department, giving valuable assistance to the Finance Manager.

  • David is the Media Manager for GRN USA and Gerry is the GRN International Language Tracking Coordinator

  • Roland is USA Mobilization Director. He promotes and publicizes the mission and its vision. Developing partnerships and networking opportunities is his great passion.

  • Kevin serves as IT Director and Ruth as the Studio Manager for GRN USA.

  • K and V are staff members of GRN USA currently serving in Thailand.

  • Roland has served as Shipping Manager since 1979. Irene currently serves as an Executive Assistant.

  • Geneva is responsible for overseeing personnel and recruitment at the USA office.

  • Ross is the International Ministries Director. Jan is the GRN Prayer Secretary.

  • Greg and Nenet have served in several areas of the ministry since 1987.

  • Ralph is Finance Director for GRN USA. He also handles accounting for GRN International. Ruth is a full-time homemaker and home-school teacher.

  • Esther is forming a support team before starting full time in Language Tracking.

  • Carlos supports the work of our GRN base in Brazil, helping with recording trips and translation of paperwork into Portuguese.

  • Dale Rickards is Director of GRN USA

  • Dave and Gail Rogne make audio gospel recordings of the gospel message in the indigenous languages of Vanuatu.

  • John helps people find the recordings they need from our library of over 6,200 languages and dialects.

  • Allan currently assists with several editing and writing projects. Sue serves in the hospitality area sharing their home and meals with friends, family and GRN guests.

  • Colin is the GRN Global Prayer Coordinator. He and Patti were married in England in 1973 and joined GRN a year later.

  • Blaise is the Operations Manager for GRN USA.

  • Marissa serves in the USA finance department as bookkeeper.

  • Ed Young has been seconded by GRN USA to serve as the Recordings and Distribution Coordinator for our GRN umbrella organization.

  • Maritza Young works as translator between English and Spanish for GRN USA.

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