Thanks for Good News!

Thanks for Good News!

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Thank you letters pour into Good News Media's office from all over Southern Africa, from people wishing to express their gratitude for the wonderful work which GNM donors have made possible.

Thanks from Botswana

Deon Snyders has a passion for the Gospel. He regularly criss-crosses Botswana in order to spread the Word of God. Deon also trains and empowers local people, so that they are able to do so themselves. This they do with the help of the picture sets and GRN's handwind players, that are known as 'plastic preachers'.

After a recent outreach in Botswana, Deon wrote about the gratitude of people who cannot read or write, but who have become acquainted with the Word of God through GNM. -

"Dear Dalene, Thank you so much for what you're doing to enable geographically isolated people to hear the word of God in their own languages, in their own homes and under their own shady trees. Thanks also go to each and every donor who enable GNM to donate aids (such as Bible picture sets and the 'Plastic Preacher' audio players) to these people. They will now be able to tell other people of Jesus' love. So many people are willing to reach out to others with the Gospel, but are kept from doing so because they don't have the money or the resources. Finally, thank you to the donors who enable us to make GNM's aids available to them. ... Deon."

Thanks from the desert

Rev. Eric van Zyl is busy winning hearts and souls in Namibia. He originally hails from Wellington, S.A. and is currently attached to the organization , 'Kunene for Christ', in Outjo.

He wrote about this exciting venture in a recent letter. He said that 'Kunene for Christ' has been using GNM's audio-visual picture sets in Kaokoland for the past 15 years. Even more impressive is the fact that in some areas they are still using the very first 'Plastic Preacher' audio players! This will change soon when they get the latest model player, the 'Saber'.

At the end of last year, Rev. Eric visited a group of Christians in Otumongo, a hamlet on the Kunene River. He gave the local Christian leader a 'Look, Listen and Live' gift pack. These packs from GNM consist of eight full-colour picture sets, a 'Plastic Preacher' player, and cassettes that explain the meaning of the picture sets.

Thanks from the mountains

Daniel Liebenberg wrote to GNM about his inspiring visit to the isolated Ha Makara in Lesotho. To get to his destination, Daniel had to cross two rivers and descend steep mountain slopes on horseback.

Daniel wrote, "I was privileged to share the gospel with the school's 151 pupils during the four day visit. GNM's picture sets performed miracles with the children. With the help of my translator, Peter, I was able to complete 10 pages of the GNM picture sets in three sessions. It's now up to the teachers to teach the remaining 30 lessons in GNM's first phase programme to the children."

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