Scripts with Pictures

Scripts with Pictures

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The list below are GRN scripts that are accompanied by a full set of bold and brightly coloured pictures.

Good News

Look, Listen & Live 1: Beginning with GOD

Look, Listen & Live 2: Mighty Men of GOD

Look, Listen & Live 3: Victory through GOD

Look, Listen & Live 4: Servants of GOD

Look, Listen & Live 5: On Trial for GOD

Look, Listen & Live 6: JESUS - Teacher & Healer

Look, Listen & Live 7: JESUS - Lord & Saviour

Look, Listen & Live 8: Acts of the HOLY SPIRIT

The Living Christ

The Birth of Christ

The Death of Christ

The Resurrection of Christ

The Living Christ Will Return

The Living Christ Seeks Lost People

The Living Christ is Stronger than Death

Living Christ's Victory over Satan

Christ Our Good Shepherd

Living Christ Teaches about Prayer

The Light of the World

How Can We Please God?

The Living Christ and Forgiveness

The Living Christ and the Word of God - Part 1

The Living Christ and the Word of God - Part 2

The Living Christ Shows How God Cares for Us

Who Is Jesus? - Part 1

Who Is Jesus? - Part 2

The Living Christ Shows the Way to Heaven

Growing in the Christian Life

The Living Christ Teaches about Salvation

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