A Recording Trip to The Czech Republic

<p>Vojtech at the microphone

Vojtech at the microphone

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Prague street scene with tram
Kenny and Joan doing the tourist thing
Kenny, Joan and Vojtech

by Kenny McKee

We flew out of London to the beautiful city of Prague to make recordings in the Czech language.

We met up with our great friend Vojtech who had organised the translations of our Bible Story scripts into the Czech language. He would be doing the recording with us. He and two other friends had worked on the 4 programs we hoped to record.

The translation part usually takes quite a lot of hard work over many months and much checking is needed to make it correct before we record it. We had recorded with Vojta before in 2014 and he was a joy to work with and made our recording part very easy to do. He a natural speaker and very expressive when reading our scripts.

We stayed at his mum's home on the 7th floor of a huge block of apartments .....no elevator but good exercise every day haha. We really felt at home and we a great time working and meeting up with them again.

They were so lovely to spend time with. Vojtech told us many stories of what things are like in their country since the old days of communism. (He said many people don't seem to have any real joy and that the country is one of the most atheistic in Europe, despite the huge number of Roman Catholic churches).

We trust our recordings will be used and heard by many thousands of people.

We began to record the next day and worked until we completed the four recording programs we had planned to do.

The next day we travelled into this amazing bustling "touristy" city of Prague. There is a wonderful mix of old and new buildings, cathedrals and bridges in this modern-historical city.

I loved the old and new trams which travel around the city. Prague is the home of Skoda cars and nearly every other car here is a Skoda. They support their home industry.

Thank you for your prayers and support while we were away in Prague.

The new Czech recordings will be available in a few weeks time when I hope to have them edited and will be distributed on DVD and on our www.globalrecordings.net and www.5fish.mobi web sites.

God Bless and bye for now.
Kenny & Joan McKee

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