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Language Names Recordings Available
Guiberoua Béte [Côte d'Ivoire] (see Bete, Guiberoua)
Guibian [China, Guangxi Zhuang] (see Zhuang, Guibian)
Guichicovi Mixe [Mexico, Oaxaca] (see Mixe, Istmo)
Guichong [China, Sichuan, Garze Tibetan] (see Guiqiong)
Guidakada [Cameroon, Nord] (see Guider)
Guidar [Cameroon, Nord] (see Guider)
Guidder [Cameroon, Nord] (see Guider)
Guider [Cameroon, Nord]
Guider [Cameroon, Nord] (see Gidar: Zlam)
Guienagati [Mexico, Oaxaca] (see Zapotec, Guevea: Guienagati)
Guigang Guiping [China, Guangxi Zhuang] (see Zhuang: Guigang Guiping)
Guiglo [Côte d'Ivoire] (see Guere: Guiglo)
Gui & Kelologeia [Papua New Guinea, Milne Bay] (see Bunama: Gui & Kelologeia)
Guilaki [Iran] (see Gilaki)
Guilani [Iran] (see Gilaki)
Guila Zapotec [Mexico, Oaxaca] (see Zapotec, Guila)
Güilá Zapotec [Mexico, Oaxaca] (see Zapotec, Guila)
Guili [Cameroon, Extrème-Nord] (see Bana: Gili)
Guilia [Chad, Guéra] (see Baraine)
Guilin Guanyang [China, Guangxi Zhuang] (see Yao: Guilin Guanyang)
Guilin Longsheng Heping [China, Guangxi Zhuang] (see Zhuang: Guilin Longsheng Heping)
Guiliu [China, Guangxi Zhuang]
Guimaras Island [Philippines, Luzon, Cagayan] (see Kinaray-A: Guimaras Island)
Guin [Togo] (see Mina)
Guin [Burkina Faso, Komoé] (see Cerma)
Guin [Burkina Faso] (see Gouin)
Guinaang [Philippines, Luzon, Kalinga] (see Kalinga, Lubuagan: Guinaang)
Guinaang Bontoc [Philippines, Luzon, Mountain Province] (see Bontoc, Central: Guinaang Bontoc)
Guinan [China] (see Chinese, Yue: Guinan)
Guinea-Bissau Creole (see Crioulo)
Guinea Kpelle (see Kpelle, Guinea)
Guineanische Zeichensprache (see Guinean Sign Language)
Guinean Sign Language
Guingan [Philippines, Mindanao, Davao del Sur] (see Bagobo: Guiangan)
Guinzadan [Philippines] (see Kankanaey: Guinzadan)
Guipuzcoan [Spain] (see Basque: Guipuzcoan)
Guiqiong [China, Sichuan, Garze Tibetan]
Guiren [Vietnam] (see Nung: Nung Quy Rin)
Güisnay [Argentina] (see Wichi Lhamtes Guisnay)
Guissey [Chad, Mayo-Kebbi] (see Masana: Gizay)
Guitry [Côte d'Ivoire] (see Dida, Yocoboue: Lozoua)
Guiyanghua [China, Guizhou] (see Mandarin: Guiyanghua)
Guizhou [China, Guizhou] (see Buyi, Anshsuan)
Guiziga [Cameroon, Extrème-Nord] (see Gisiga)
Guiziga [Cameroon, Extrème-Nord] (see Gisiga,South: Midjeving)
Gujaaxet [Senegal] (see Bainouk-Gunyaamolo: Gujaaxet)
Gujalabiya [Australia, Northern Territory] (see Burarra)
Gujar [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gojeri)
Gujar [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gujari)
Gujar [India, Maharashtra] (see Gujara)
Gujar [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gojari)
Gujara [India, Maharashtra]
Gujarao [India, Maharashtra] (see Gujara)
Gujarati [India, Dadra and Nagar Haveli]
Gujarati: Gamadia [United Kingdom]
Gujarati: Harijan [India, Gujarat]
Gujarati: Kakari [United Kingdom]
Gujarati Katchi Kohli [Pakistan, Sindh]
Gujarati: Kathiyawadi [United Kingdom]
Gujarati: Kharwa [United Kingdom]
Gujarati: Kohli [Pakistan, Mirpur Khas] (see Gujarati: Koli)
Gujarati: Koli [Pakistan, Mirpur Khas]
Gujarati: Kutchi Kohli [Pakistan, Sindh] (see Gujarati Katchi Kohli)
Gujarati: Memni [India, Gujarat] (see Memni)
Gujarati, Parkari Kohli [Pakistan] (see Parkari)
Gujarati: Parsi [Pakistan, Punjab] (see Faqir Parsi)
Gujarati-Sprache [India, Dadra and Nagar Haveli] (see Gujarati)
Gujarati: Tarimuki [United Kingdom]
Gujarati: Tharadari Kohli [Pakistan] (see Koli, Wadiyara: Tharadari Koli)
Gujarati Thradari Koli [Pakistan] (see Koli, Wadiyara: Tharadari Koli)
Gujarati, Vadiara Kohli [Pakistan, Hyderabad] (see Koli, Wadiyara)
Gujari [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gojeri)
Gujari [India, Maharashtra] (see Gujara)
Gujari [India, Jammu and Kashmir]
Gujari: Ajiri Of Hazara [India, Jammu and Kashmir]
Gujari: Eastern Gujari [Pakistan]
Gujari: Western Gujari [Pakistan]
Gujer [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gojeri)
Gujer [India, Maharashtra] (see Gujara)
Gujer [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gujari)
Gujer [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gojari)
Gujerathi [India, Dadra and Nagar Haveli] (see Gujarati)
Gujerathi [India, Gujarat] (see Memni)
Gujerati [India, Gujarat] (see Memni)
Gujerati [India, Dadra and Nagar Haveli] (see Gujarati)
Guji [Ethiopia]
Gujjari [India, Maharashtra] (see Gujara)
Gujjari [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gojeri)
Gujjari [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gujari)
Gujjari [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gojari)
Gujrathi [India, Dadra and Nagar Haveli] (see Gujarati)
Gujrathi [India, Gujarat] (see Memni)
Gujuri [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gojeri)
Gujuri [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gujari)
Gujuri [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gojari)
Gujuri [India, Maharashtra] (see Gujara)
Gujuri Rajasthani [India, Maharashtra] (see Gujara)
Gujuri Rajasthani [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gojeri)
Gujuri Rajasthani [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gujari)
Gujuri Rajasthani [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Gojari)
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