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Language Names Recordings Available
Francais: Toulousain [France] (see French: Toulouse)
Francais: Wallon [France] (see French: Wallon)
Franc-comtois [France] (see French: Franc-comtois)
Franche-comtois [Switzerland] (see French: Franche-comtois)
Francique lorrain [France] (see Lorraine Franconian)
Francique:Luxembourgeois [Australia] (see Letzebuergesch)
Francique Mosellan [France] (see German, Standard: Francique Mosellan)
Francique Rhenan [France] (see German, Standard: Francique Rhenan)
Francique Rhénan [France] (see German, Standard: Francique Rhenan)
Francisco Leon [Mexico, Chiapas] (see Zoque, Francisco Leon)
Francisco León Zoque [Mexico, Chiapas] (see Zoque, Francisco Leon)
Franconian [Germany] (see Mainfrankisch)
Franco-ontarien [Canada] (see Francais: franco-ontarien)
Franco-Provencal [France]
Franco-Provencal: Celle San Vito [Italy]
Franco-Provencal: Dauphinois [France]
Franco-Provencal: Faeto [Italy]
Franco-Provencal: Lyonnais [France]
Franco-Provencal: Neucatelais [France]
Franco-Provencal: Savoyard [France]
Franco-Provencal: Valle D'aosta [Italy, Valle d'Aosta]
Franco-Provencal: Vaudois [Switzerland]
Frankisch [Germany] (see Frankish)
Fränkisch [Germany] (see Frankish)
Frankish [Germany]
Frankish [Australia] (see Letzebuergesch)
Franzosisch [Belgium] (see Français)
Französisch [Belgium] (see Français)
Franzosische Zeichensprache [France] (see French Sign Language)
Französische Zeichensprache [France] (see French Sign Language)
Frase [Guinea-Bissau] (see Balanta)
Frassilongo [Italy] (see Mocheno: Frassilongo)
French [Belgium] (see Français)
French: Acadian [Canada] (see Francais: Acadien)
French: Africa [Cameroon]
French: Angevin [France, Pays de la Loire, Maine-et-Loire]
French Belgian Sign Language [Belgium]
French: Berrichon [France]
French: Bourbonnais [France]
French: Bourguignon [France]
French, Cajun [United States of America] (see Cajun French)
French: Canadian [Canada] (see Francais: Canadien)
French: Central Africa [Cameroon]
French Cree [United States of America] (see Michif)
French: Francais [Belgium] (see Français)
French: Franc-comtois [France]
French: France [Belgium] (see Français)
French: Franche-comtois [Switzerland]
French: Franco-ontarien [Canada] (see Francais: franco-ontarien)
French, Fransaawi [Comoros] (see French: North Africa)
French: Gallo [France]
French: Gitan [Spain]
French Guianese [French Guiana] (see Creole: Guyane et Antilles)
French: Jerriais [Jersey] (see Jerriais)
French: Lorraine [France] (see Lorraine Franconian)
French: Norman [France]
French: North Africa [Comoros]
French: Picard [France]
French: Poitevin [France]
French: Quebecois [Canada] (see Français: Québécois)
French: Québécois [Canada] (see Français: Québécois)
French: Santongeais [France]
French Sign Language [France]
French: Toulouse [France]
French: Wallon [France]
French: Walloon [Belgium]
French: West Africa [Cameroon] (see French: Africa)
Fribourgois [Switzerland] (see French: Franche-comtois)
Fries [Netherlands, Friesland, SNEEK] (see Frisian, Western)
Frioulan [Italy] (see Friulian)
Frioulian [Italy] (see Friulian)
Frisian, Eastern [Germany, Niedersachen]
Frisian, Northern [Germany, Schleswig-Holstein]
Frisian, Northern: Ferring [Germany]
Frisian, Northern: Helgoland [Germany]
Frisian, Northern: Mooringer [Germany]
Frisian, Northern: Solreng [Germany]
Frisian, Northern: Sölreng [Germany] (see Frisian, Northern: Solreng)
Frisian, Western [Netherlands, Friesland, SNEEK]
Friulano [Italy] (see Friulian)
Friulian [Italy]
Friulian: Carnico [Italy]
Friulian: East Central Friulian [Italy]
Friuliano [Italy] (see Friulian)
Friulian: Western Friulian [Italy]
Friulisch [Italy] (see Friulian)
Friulo [Italy] (see Friulian)
Frontera Mam [Guatemala] (see Mam: Tacaneco & Mame: Frontera)
Frysk [Netherlands, Friesland, SNEEK] (see Frisian, Western)
FSL [Philippines] (see Philippine Sign Language)
FSL [France] (see French Sign Language)
Fu [China] (see Zhuang, Yang: Fouh)
Fu [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest] (see Bafut)
Fuch'ye [Myanmar] (see Anong)
Fu'da [Cameroon, Ouest] (see Ghomala: North: Ngemba )
Fufula [Ghana] (see Wali: Fufula)
Fuga Of Jimma [Ethiopia] (see Yemsa: Fuga Of Jimma)
Fugar [Nigeria, Edo] (see Yekhee: Avianwu)
Fu-guang [China, Jiangxi] (see Chinese, Gan: Fu-guang)
Fujianese [Malaysia] (see Chinese, Min Nan: Fukienese)
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