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Language Names Recordings Available
Eastern Mnong (ISO language code "mng")
Eastern Montagnais [Canada] (see Montagnais: Eastern Montagnais)
Eastern Motu [Papua New Guinea] (see Motu: Eastern Motu)
Eastern Mudhuvan [India, Kerala] (see Mudhuvan: Pandia)
Eastern Muna [Indonesia] (see Muna: Tiworo)
Eastern Mussau [Papua New Guinea] (see Mussau-Emira: Eastern Mussau)
Eastern Nahane [Canada] (see Kaska)
Eastern Naskapi [Canada] (see Naskapi: Eastern Naskapi)
Eastern Naxi [China, Yunnan] (see Narua)
Eastern Ngad'a (ISO language code "nea")
Eastern Nihiri [India, Maharashtra] (see Varli: Eastern Nihiri)
Eastern Nisu [China, Yunnan] (see Yi: Nisu)
Eastern Nisu (ISO language code "nos")
Eastern Nonmetafonetica [Italy] (see Sicilian: Eastern Nonmetafonetica)
Eastern Norwegian [Norway] (see Norwegian, Bokmaal: Eastern Norwegian)
Eastern Nuer [Sudan] (see Nuer: Eastern)
Eastern Nuer [Sudan] (see Nuer: Eastern)
Eastern Ocotlán Zapotec [Mexico, Oaxaca, Ocotlan, San Baltazar Chichicapan] (see Zapotec, Chichicapan)
Eastern Ocotlan Zapoteco [Mexico, Oaxaca, Ocotlan, San Baltazar Chichicapan] (see Zapotec, Chichicapan)
Eastern Ojibwa [Canada] (see Ottawa)
Eastern Ojibwa (ISO language code "ojg")
Eastern Oromo (ISO language code "hae")
Eastern Otomi [Mexico] (see Otomí de la Sierra)
Eastern Pagi [Papua New Guinea] (see Pagi: Eastern Pagi)
Eastern Pahari [Nepal] (see Nepali: Kathmandu)
Eastern Pahari [Nepal] (see Nepali: Darjeeling)
Eastern Pahari [Nepal] (see Nepali: Achhami)
Eastern Pahari [Nepal] (see Nepali)
Eastern Parbate Kham [Nepal]
Eastern Parbate Kham (ISO language code "kif")
Eastern Pattani [India, Himachal Pradesh] (see Pattani: Eastern Pattani)
Eastern Penan (ISO language code "pez")
Eastern Pochutla Zapotec [Mexico] (see Zapotec, Xadani)
Eastern Pocomam [Guatemala] (see Poqomam: Oriental)
Eastern Pocomchi [Guatemala] (see Poqomchi': Oriental)
Eastern Point [Papua New Guinea, Milne Bay] (see Sudest: Eastern Point)
Eastern Pokomam [Guatemala] (see Poqomam: Oriental)
Eastern Punjabi [United Kingdom] (see Panjabi, Eastern: Panjabi Proper)
Eastern Qiandong Miao (ISO language code "hmq")
Eastern Rajbanshi [Nepal] (see Rajbangsi: Eastern Rajbanshi)
Eastern Rote [Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Timur (East), Rote] (see Rikou)
Eastern Rote [Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Timur (East), Rote] (see Bilba)
Eastern Ruli [Uganda] (see Ruli: Eastern Ruli)
Eastern Shuswap [Canada] (see Shuswap: Eastern Shuswap)
Eastern Sola de Vega Zapotec [Mexico, Oaxaca] (see Zapotec, Lachixio)
Eastern Subanen (ISO language code "sfe")
Eastern Suri [Ethiopia] (see Surma)
Eastern Swedish [Sweden] (see Swedish: Eastern Swedish)
Eastern Syriac [Turkey] (see Syriac: Eastern Syriac)
Eastern Tamang (ISO language code "taj")
Eastern Tatar [Russia] (see Tatar: Eastern Tatar)
Eastern Tawbuid (ISO language code "bnj")
Eastern Teke [Congo, Democratic Republic of] (see Kiteke)
Eastern Tetun [Indonesia] (see Tetun: Eastern Tetun)
Eastern Thai [Laos] (see Lao)
Eastern Thangmi [Nepal] (see Thangmi: Eastern Thangmi)
Eastern Tlacolula Zapotec [Mexico, Oaxaca] (see Zapotec, Quiatoni)
Eastern Tlapanec [Mexico, Guerrero] (see Me'phaa, Malinaltepec)
Eastern Toposa [Sudan] (see Toposa: Eastern Toposa)
Eastern Tumut [China, Nei Mongol] (see Mongolian, Peripheral: Jostu)
Eastern Tunebo [Colombia] (see Tunebo, Barro Negro)
Eastern Uma [Indonesia] (see Uma: Tolee')
Eastern Vogul [Russia] (see Mansi: Eastern Vogul)
Eastern Wakhi [Tajikistan] (see Wakhi: Eastern Wakhi)
Eastern West-Hunan Miao [China, Hunan] (see Miao, Eastern Xiangxi)
Eastern Xiangxi Miao [China, Hunan] (see Miao, Eastern Xiangxi)
Eastern Xiangxi Miao (ISO language code "muq")
Eastern Xwla Gbe (ISO language code "gbx")
Eastern Yagnobi [Tajikistan] (see Yagnobi: Eastern Yagnobi)
Eastern Yakha [Nepal] (see Yakha: Eastern Yakha)
Eastern Yanomami [Venezuela] (see Yanomamo: Eastern Yanomami)
Eastern Yi [China] (see Wasa Nasu)
Eastern Yi: Bai Yi [China, Yunnan] (see Yi: Gese Gaofeng)
Eastern Yiddish (ISO language code "ydd")
Eastern Yi: Hong Yi [China, Yunnan] (see Yi: Nasu)
Eastern Yogor [China, Gansu] (see Yugu, East)
Eastern Zimatlan Zapoteco [Mexico, Oaxaca] (see Zapotec, Lachixio: San Miguel Mixtepec)
Eastern Zimatlan Zapoteco [Mexico, Oaxaca] (see Zapotec, Lachixio)
East Futuna (ISO language code "fud")
East Gimi [Papua New Guinea] (see Gimi: East Gimi)
East Godaveri [India, Andhra Pradesh] (see Telugu: East Godaveri)
East Gorontalo [Indonesia, Gorontalo] (see Gorontalo: East Gorontalo)
East Greenlandic (see Inuktitut, Greenlandic: East Greenlandic)
East Guizhou Miao [China] (see Miao, Black)
East Gurage [Ethiopia] (see Silte)
East Highland Chatino [Mexico, Oaxaca, Juquila, Santos Reyes Nopala] (see Chatino de Nopala)
East Indian [India, Maharashtra] (see Marathi: East Indian)
East Inland Jimajima [Papua New Guinea, Milne Bay] (see Jimajima: East Inland Jimajima)
East Inland Kaulong [Papua New Guinea] (see Kaulong: East Inland Kaulong)
East Kalamsé [Burkina Faso] (see Kalamse: Kasoma)
East Kara [Papua New Guinea] (see Kara: East Kara)
East Kasem [Burkina Faso] (see Kasem: East Kasem)
East Kewa (ISO language code "kjs")
East Khowar [Pakistan] (see Khowar: East Khowar)
East Koita [Papua New Guinea] (see Koitabu: East Koita)
East Komba [Papua New Guinea] (see Komba: East Komba)
East Kongo [Congo, Democratic Republic of] (see Kongo: East Kongo)
East Lagoon [Micronesia, Federated States of] (see Chuukese: East Lagoon)
East Latvian (see Latgalian)
East Lele [Guinea] (see Lele: Tangalto Lele)
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