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Language Names Recordings Available
Central Grand Valley Dani [Indonesia, Papua] (see Dani, Mid Grand Valley)
Central Grebo (ISO language code "grv")
Central Guangdong [China] (see Chinese, Hakka: Yuezhong)
Central Guizhou [China] (see Bouyei: Qianzhong)
Central Hongshuihe Zhuang (ISO language code "zch")
Central Huasteca Nahuatl (ISO language code "nch")
Central Huishui Hmong (ISO language code "hmc")
Central Huishui Miao [China, Guizhou] (see Hmong, Central Huishui)
Central Ibibio [Nigeria, Akwa Ibom] (see Ibibio: Central Ibibio)
Central Igede [Nigeria, Benue] (see Igede: Oju)
Central Jibbali [Oman] (see Jibbali: Central Jibbali)
Central Juxtlahuaca Mixtec [Mexico, Baja California Norte, San Quintin Valley] (see Mixtec, Juxtlahuaca)
Central Kadazan [Malaysia, Sabah] (see Kadazan Dusun)
Central Kaingang [Brazil] (see Kaingang: Central Kaingang)
Central Kanum [Indonesia, Papua] (see Kanum, Sota: Central Kanum)
Central Kanuri (ISO language code "knc")
Central Kekchi [Guatemala] (see Kekchi)
Central Kerala [United Kingdom] (see Malayalam: Central Kerala)
Central Khmer [Vietnam] (see Khmer Kanda (Central))
Central Khmer (ISO language code "khm")
Central Kinnauri [India, Himachal Pradesh] (see Jangshung)
Central Kinnauri [India, Himachal Pradesh] (see Sunam)
Central Kinnauri [India, Himachal Pradesh] (see Sumcho)
Central Klaoh [Liberia] (see Klao: Central Klaoh)
Central Koma [Ethiopia] (see Komo)
Central Komba [Papua New Guinea] (see Komba: Central Komba)
Central Kombai [Indonesia] (see Kombai: Central Kombai)
Central Kongo [Congo, Democratic Republic of] (see Kongo: Central Kongo)
Central Konkan [India, Maharashtra] (see Konkanese)
Central Konkan [India, Maharashtra] (see Koli)
Central Kono [Sierra Leone] (see Kono: Central Kono)
Central Kumauni [India, Uttarakhand] (see Kumauni: Central Kumauni)
Central Kurdish (ISO language code "ckb")
Central Laamang [Nigeria, Borno] (see Lamang: Hidkala)
Central Ladakhi [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Ladakhi: Leh)
Central Lagaip [Papua New Guinea] (see Hewa: Central Lagaip)
Central Lela [Nigeria, Kebbi] (see Clela: Dabai)
Central Lele [Guinea] (see Lele: Kounte Lele)
Central Lisu [China, Yunnan] (see Lisu: Western)
Central Lyélé [Burkina Faso] (see Lyele: Central Lyele)
Central Maewo (ISO language code "mwo")
Central Magahi [India, Bihar] (see Magahi: Central)
Central Makhuwa [Madagascar] (see Makua)
Central Makua [Mozambique] (see Makhuwa Maka)
Central Malay (ISO language code "pse")
Central Malay: Enim [Indonesia] (see Malay, Central: Enim)
Central Malay: Ogan [Indonesia, Sumatera Selatan (South)]
Central Malinke (see Maninkakan, Kita)
Central Mamasa [Indonesia] (see Mamasa: Central Mamasa)
Central Manggarai [Indonesia] (see Manggarai: Central Manggarai)
Central Marchigiano [Italy] (see Italian: Central Marchigiano)
Central Maring [Papua New Guinea] (see Maring: Central Maring)
Central Marsela [Indonesia] (see Masela, Central)
Central Masa: Wina [Chad, Mayo-Kebbi] (see Masana: Wina)
Central Masela (ISO language code "mxz")
Central Mashan Hmong (ISO language code "hmm")
Central Mashan Miao [China, Guizhou] (see Hmong, Central Mashan)
Central Mazahua (ISO language code "maz")
Central Mbo [Cameroon, Littoral] (see Bakaka)
Central Melanau (ISO language code "mel")
Central Metafonetica [Italy] (see Sicilian: Central Metafonetica)
Central Miao [China] (see Miao, Black)
Central Miao (see Miao, Eastern Qiandong)
Central Migabac [Papua New Guinea] (see Migabac: Central Migabac)
Central Min [China, Fujian] (see Chinese, Min Zhong)
Central Minnesota Chippewa [United States of America] (see Chippewa: Central Minnesota Chippewa)
Central Mixe [Mexico, Oaxaca] (see Mixe, Quetzaltepec)
Central Mnong (ISO language code "cmo")
Central Mnong, Bunong [Cambodia] (see Pnong)
Central Mokolo [Cameroon, Extrème-Nord] (see Mafia: Central)
Central Mon [Myanmar] (see Mon: Mataban-moulmein)
Central Mongolian (see Mongolian)
Central Monpa [Bhutan] (see Memba)
Central Mountain Albanian [Italy] (see Albanian, Arbereshe: Central Mountain Albanian)
Central Murut [Malaysia] (see Keningau Murut)
Central Najdi [Saudi Arabia] (see Arabic, Najdi: Central Najdi)
Central Nepali (see Jumleli)
Central Ngada [Indonesia] (see Ngada: Central Ngada)
Central Nicobarese (ISO language code "ncb")
Central Nochistlán Mixtec [Mexico, Distrito Federal, Cuidad de Mexico] (see Mixteco, Diuxi-Tilantongo)
Central Nochistlan Mixteco [Mexico, Distrito Federal, Cuidad de Mexico] (see Mixteco, Diuxi-Tilantongo)
Central Nogai [Russia] (see Nogai: Central Nogai)
Central Norwegian [Norway] (see Norwegian, Bokmaal: Central Norwegian)
Central Nusu [China] (see Nusu: Central Nusu)
Central Ocotlan Zapoteco [Mexico, Oaxaca, Ocotlan, Santiago Apostol] (see Zapoteco de Ocotlan, Santiago Apostol)
Central Ojibwa (ISO language code "ojc")
Central Ojibwe [Canada] (see Ojibwa, Central)
Central Okinawan (ISO language code "ryu")
Central Oromo [Ethiopia, Bale Metroplex_1] (see Oromo: Wellega)
Central Oromo [Ethiopia] (see Oromo, West Central: Central Oromo)
Central Palawano (ISO language code "plc")
Central Pame (ISO language code "pbs")
Central Pashto (ISO language code "pst")
Central Pattani [India, Himachal Pradesh] (see Pattani: Central Pattani)
Central Pocomam [Guatemala] (see Poqomam: Central)
Central Pomo (ISO language code "poo")
Central Prasun [Afghanistan] (see Prasuni: Central Prasun)
Central Puebla Aztec [Mexico] (see Nahuatl, Puebla Central)
Central Puebla Mixtec [Mexico, Puebla, Santa Catarina Tlaltemplan] (see Mixtec, Chigmecatitlan)
Central Puebla Nahuatl (ISO language code "ncx")
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