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Language Names Recordings Available
Carrier: Stuart Lake [Canada, British Columbia] (see Carrier: Central)
Casa [Senegal] (see Jola-Kasa)
Casca [Canada] (see Kaska)
Cashibo [Peru]
Cashibo [Peru] (see Cashibo-Cacataibo: Cashibo)
Cashibo-Cacataibo [Peru] (see Cashibo)
Cashibo-Cacataibo (ISO language code "cbr")
Cashibo-Cacataibo: Cacataibo de Mariscal [Peru]
Cashibo-Cacataibo: Cacataibo de Sinchi Roca [Peru]
Cashibo-Cacataibo: Cashibo [Peru]
Cashinahua (ISO language code "cbs")
Cashinahuá [Peru] (see Kashinawa)
Cashinawa [Peru] (see Kashinawa)
Cashmeeree [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Kashmiri)
Cashmiri [India, Jammu and Kashmir] (see Kashmiri)
Casiguran [Philippines] (see Casiguran Dumagat)
Casiguran Dumagat [Philippines]
Casiguran Dumagat Agta (ISO language code "dgc")
Casiguranin [Philippines, Luzon, Aurora] (see Kasiguranin)
Caska [Canada] (see Kaska)
Cassanga [Guinea-Bissau]
Castellano [Spain] (see Spanish: Castellano)
Castilian [Spain] (see Spanish: Castellano)
Casu [Tanzania] (see Pare)
Casuarina Coast Asmat (ISO language code "asc")
Catala [Spain, Islas Baleares] (see Catalan: Central)
Catalá [Andorra]
Català [Spain, Islas Baleares] (see Catalan: Central)
Català [Spain, Islas Baleares] (see Catalan: Central)
Catalan (ISO language code "cat")
Catalán [Spain, Islas Baleares] (see Catalan: Central)
Catalan Algherese [Italy]
Catalan: Central [Spain, Islas Baleares]
Catalan: Chapurreat [Spain] (see Northwestern Catalan)
Catalan: Gitan [Andorra] (see Catalá)
Catalan: Ribagorzano [Spain] (see Northwestern Catalan)
Catalan Rousillonese [France, Languedoc-Roussillon, Pyrénées-Orientales]
Catalan-rousillonese [France, Languedoc-Roussillon, Pyrénées-Orientales] (see Catalan Rousillonese)
Catalan Sign Language [Spain] (see Catalonian Sign Language)
Catalan: Tamaritano [Spain] (see Northwestern Catalan)
Catalan-Val.-Balear: Northwest [Spain] (see Northwestern Catalan)
Catalan Valencia [Spain]
Catalan-Valencian-Balear: Algherese [Italy] (see Catalan Algherese)
Catalan-Valencian-Balear: Balearic [Spain] (see Catalan Valencia)
Catalan-Valencian-Balear: Catalan-rousillonese [France, Languedoc-Roussillon, Pyrénées-Orientales] (see Catalan Rousillonese)
Catalan-Valencian-Balear: Central [Spain, Islas Baleares] (see Catalan: Central)
Catalan-Valencian-Balear: Central Catalan [Spain, Islas Baleares] (see Catalan: Central)
Catalonian Calo [Spain] (see Calo: Catalonian Calo)
Catalonian Sign Language [Spain]
Catauian [Brazil, Pará] (see Waiwai: Katawian)
Catawian [Brazil, Pará] (see Waiwai: Katawian)
Cateelenyo [Philippines, Mindanao] (see Dibabawon)
Catio [Colombia] (see Epera Pedea-Catio)
Catio [Guinea] (see Nalu: Catio)
Catio [Colombia] (see Epera Pedea-Catio)
Catrú [Colombia] (see Embera-Baudo)
Ca Tua [Vietnam] (see Katua)
Catuquina [Brazil, Amazonas] (see Kamanawa)
Caucasian [Azerbaijan] (see Azerbaijani, South)
Cáuijo̱:gà [United States of America] (see Kiowa)
Caundu [Nigeria, Niger] (see Pongu: Caundu)
Cauqui [Peru] (see Jaqaru: Kawki)
Cauqui [Peru] (see Jaqaru: Kawki)
Caura [Venezuela] (see Sanuma: Caura)
Cauyarí [Colombia] (see Cabiyari)
Cauzuh [South Africa] (see Xhosa)
Cauzuh [South Africa] (derogatory name for Xhosa)
Cavcuvenskij [Russia] (see Koryak: Cavcuvenskij)
Cavina [Bolivia] (see Araona)
Cavina [Bolivia] (see Cavinena)
Cavina [Bolivia] (see Araona)
Cavinena [Bolivia]
Cavineña (ISO language code "cav")
Caviteqo [Philippines, Mindanao, Zamboanga del Norte] (see Chavacano: Caviteqo)
Caviteqo [Philippines, Mindanao, Zamboanga del Norte] (see Chavacano: Caviteqo)
Cawai [Nigeria, Kaduna] (see Atsam)
Cawdur [Turkmenistan] (see Turkmen: Cawdur)
Cawe [Nigeria, Kaduna] (see Atsam)
Cawi [Algeria] (see Tachawit)
Cawi [Nigeria, Kaduna] (see Atsam)
Caxibo [Peru] (see Cashibo)
Caxinaua [Peru] (see Kashinawa)
Caxinawa [Peru] (see Kashinawa)
Caxinawá [Peru] (see Kashinawa)
Caxur [Russia, Dagestan] (see Tsakhur)
Cay [Sudan, ash-Shamaliyah] (see Burun)
Cayapa [Ecuador] (see Chachi)
Caylloma Quechua [Peru] (see Quechua, Cuzco: Caylloma)
Cayman Islands English
Cayor [Senegal] (see Wolof: Cayor)
Cayubaba [Bolivia]
Cayubaba (ISO language code "cyb")
Cayuga [Canada]
Cayuga (ISO language code "cay")
Cayuhuaba [Bolivia] (see Cayubaba)
Cayuvava [Bolivia] (see Cayubaba)
Cayuwaba [Bolivia] (see Cayubaba)
Cazama [Namibia] (see Khwe)
Cazama [Namibia] (see Kwe: Buka)
Cebaara Senoufo (ISO language code "sef")
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