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Language Names Recordings Available
Caló (ISO language code "rmq")
Calo: Basque Calo [France]
Calo: Brazilian Calao (see Chibe)
Calo: Brazilian Calão (see Chibe)
Calo: Brazilian Calão (see Chibe)
Calo: Catalonian Calo [Spain]
Calo: Catalonian Calo [Andorra] (see Catalá)
Calo: Portuguese Calao [Portugal]
Calo: Portuguese Calão [Portugal] (see Calo: Portuguese Calao)
Calo: Portuguese Calão [Portugal] (see Calo: Portuguese Calao)
Calo: Spanish Calo [Spain]
Caluya [Philippines] (see Visayan: Caluya)
Caluya [Philippines] (see Visayan: Caluya)
Caluyanen [Philippines] (see Visayan: Caluya)
Caluyanun [Philippines] (see Visayan: Caluya)
Caluyanun (ISO language code "clu")
Caluyanun: Semirara [Philippines]
Cama [Côte d'Ivoire] (see Ebrie)
Camaiura [Brazil] (see Kamaiura)
Camajere [Nigeria, Niger] (see Pongu: Camajere)
Camalal [Russia] (see Chamalal)
Caman [Côte d'Ivoire] (see Ebrie)
Camanaua [Brazil, Amazonas] (see Kamanawa)
Camaracota [Brazil] (see Pemon: Camaracota)
Camaracoto [Venezuela] (see Pemon: Camaracoto)
Camba [Brazil] (see Kamba)
Camba [Indonesia, Sulawesi Area] (see Bugis: Camba)
Cambodian (see Khmer)
Cambodian Cham (see Cham, Cambodia)
Cambodian: Thailand Dialect (see Khmer, Thailand)
Cambresis [France] (see Picard: Cambresis)
Cameali [India, Himachal Pradesh] (see Chambeali)
Camëntsëá [Colombia] (see Camsa)
Camerija [Albania] (see Albanian, Tosk)
Camerija [Albania] (see Albanian, Tosk: Camerija)
Cameron [Malaysia] (see Semai: Cameron)
Cameroon (see Baka)
Cameroon Creole English [Cameroon, Sud-Ouest] (see Pidgin, Cameroon)
Cameroon Mambila (ISO language code "mcu")
Cameroon Pidgin (ISO language code "wes")
Cameroun [Cameroon, Centre] (see Basaa)
Cameroun [Central African Republic] (see Baya: Cameroun)
Camling [Nepal] (see Rai: Chamling)
Camling (ISO language code "rab")
Cam Mu [Laos] (see Khamu)
Camonayan [Philippines] (see Agta, Dupaninan: Camonayan)
Camonayan [Philippines] (see Agta, Dupaninan: Camonayan)
Camorta [India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands] (see Nicobarese, Central: Camorta)
Camotes [Philippines, Visayas] (see Porohanon)
Camotlan [Mexico, Oaxaca] (see Mixe, Quetzaltepec)
Camotlan [Mexico] (see Mixe: Camotlan)
Campa [Peru, Apurimac] (see Ashaninca: Satipo)
Campa [Cameroon, Centre] (see Lefa: Campa)
Campa [Peru] (derogatory name for Ajyininka Apurucayali)
Campa: Apurimac [Peru, Apurimac] (derogatory name for Ashaninka: Apurimac)
Campa: Apurimac [Peru, Apurimac] (see Ashaninka: Apurimac)
Campalagian [Indonesia, Sulawesi Barat (West)]
Campalagian (ISO language code "cml")
Campalagian: Buku [Indonesia, Sulawesi Barat (West)]
Campalagian: Campalagian [Indonesia, Sulawesi Barat (West)] (see Campalagian)
Campbellpore [Pakistan, Punjab, Taxila] (see Punjabi, Western: Chachi Attack)
Campeche Maya [Mexico, Yucatan] (see Maya, Yucatec)
Campeche Maya [Belize] (see Itza')
Campidanese [Italy, Sardegna] (see Sardo, Campidanese)
Campidanese Sardinian (ISO language code "sro")
Campidese [Italy, Sardegna] (see Sardo, Campidanese)
Campo [United States of America] (see Kumiai)
Campo Marino Albanian [Italy] (see Albanian, Arbereshe: Campo Marino Albanian)
Campuon [Cambodia] (see Tampuan)
Camsa [Colombia]
Camsá (ISO language code "kbh")
Camuhi [New Caledonia] (see Cemuhi)
Camuki [New Caledonia] (see Cemuhi)
Canada (see English: Canada)
Canadian [Canada] (see Francais: Canadien)
Canadian-Alaskan Indian [Canada] (see Canadian-Alaskan Indian English)
Canadian-Alaskan Indian English [Canada]
Canala [New Caledonia] (see Xaracuu)
Canamanti [Brazil, Amazonas, Sao Francisco] (see Jamamadi)
Canamari [Brazil, Amazonas]
Canarés [India, Karnataka] (see Kannada)
Canarese [India, Karnataka] (see Lambani)
Canarese [India, Tamil Nadu] (see Moopan)
Canarese [India, Tamil Nadu] (see Kurumba)
Canarese [India, Karnataka] (see Kannada)
Cañar Highland Quichua (ISO language code "qxr")
Cañaris [Peru] (see Quechua, Lambayeque: Canaris)
Canary Islands Spanish [Spain] (see Spanish: Canary Islands Spanish)
Cancara [Nigeria, Niger] (see Kenkera)
Cancuc [Mexico, Chiapas] (see Tzeltal: Oxchuc)
Candelaria [Philippines] (see Zambal: Candelaria)
Candelaria [Philippines] (see Zambal: Candelaria)
Candelaria Loxicha [Mexico, Oaxaca, Pochutla, San Augustin Loxicha] (see Zapoteco de Loxicha)
Candoshi [Peru] (see Candoshi-Shapra: Shapra)
Candoshi-Shapra [Peru] (see Candoshi-Shapra: Shapra)
Candoshi-Shapra [Peru] (see Candoshi-Shapra: Shapra)
Candoshi-Shapra (ISO language code "cbu")
Candoshi: Shapra [Peru] (see Candoshi-Shapra: Shapra)
Candoshi-Shapra: Shapra [Peru]
Candoxi [Peru] (see Candoshi-Shapra: Shapra)
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