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Language Names Recordings Available
Chin, Mrokhimi [Myanmar] (see Chin, Khumi Awa)
Chin, Mun [Myanmar]
Chin, Mün [Myanmar] (see Chin, Mun)
Chin, Mun: Nitu [Myanmar]
Chinna Gadaba [India, Odisha]
Chinna Gadoba [India, Odisha] (see Chinna Gadaba)
Chinna Gadoda [India, Odisha] (see Chinna Gadaba)
Chinn: Falam [Myanmar] (see Chin, Falam)
Chin, Ngawn [Myanmar]
Chinook [United States of America]
Chinook Jargon [Canada] (see Chinook Wawa)
Chinook jargon [Canada] (see Chinook Wawa)
Chinook Pidgin [Canada] (see Chinook Wawa)
Chinookwawa [United States of America] (see Chinook)
Chinook Wawa [United States of America] (see Chinook)
Chinook Wawa [Canada]
Chin: Paite [India, Assam] (see Paite)
Chinpung [Myanmar] (see Uppu Tuiship)
Chin, Rawngtu [Myanmar]
Chinsenga [Zambia] (see Nsenga)
Chin, Senthang [Myanmar]
Chin, Siyin [Myanmar]
Chin, Songlai [Myanmar, Chin State]
Chin: Sumsi [Myanmar] (see Chin, Haka: Sumsi)
Chin, Sumtu [Myanmar] (see Chin, Asho: Sung Tu)
Chin, Sungtu [Myanmar, Rakhine State]
Chintang [Nepal] (see Chhintang)
Chintang Rung [Nepal] (see Chhintang)
Chintang Rûng [Nepal] (see Chhintang)
Chin, Tawr [Myanmar] (see Chin, Thor)
Chin-Tedim [Myanmar] (see Chin, Tedim)
Chin, Tedim [Myanmar]
Chin, Tedim: Kamhau [Myanmar]
Chin, Tedim: Sokte [Myanmar]
Chin-Thado [India, Assam] (see Thadou Kuki)
Chin, Thado: Baite [India, Assam]
Chin, Thado: Changsen [India, Assam]
Chin, Thado: Hawkip [India, Assam]
Chin, Thado: Jangshen [India, Assam]
Chin, Thado: Kaokeep [India, Assam]
Chin, Thado: Khongzai [India, Assam]
Chin, Thado: Kipgen [India, Assam]
Chin, Thado: Langiung [India, Assam]
Chin, Thado: Sairang [India, Assam]
Chin, Thado: Shithlou [India, Assam]
Chin, Thado: Singson [India, Assam]
Chin, Thado: Thangngen [India, Assam]
Chin, Thor [Myanmar]
Chintoor [India, Andhra Pradesh] (see Gondi: Dorla)
Chin, Vuangtu [Myanmar] (see Zyphe Chin)
Chinyanja [Zimbabwe] (see Nyanja: Chewa)
Chinyanja [Australia] (see Nyanja)
Chinyanja: Eastern [Malawi]
Chinyanja: Southern [Malawi]
Chinyanja: Western [Malawi]
Chinyungwi [Mozambique] (see Nyungwe)
Chin, Zotung [Myanmar]
Chip [Nigeria, Plateau] (see Miship)
Chipaya [Bolivia]
Chipeta [Malawi] (see Nyanja: Peta)
Chipeta [Zimbabwe] (see Nyanja: Chewa)
Chipewyan [Canada, Northwest Territories]
Chipewyan; Dene Suline [Canada, Northwest Territories] (see Chipewyan)
Chipewyan-Sprache [Canada, Northwest Territories] (see Chipewyan)
Chipewyan: Yellowknife [Canada]
Chipiajes [Colombia]
Chipodzo [Mozambique] (see Sena: Podzo)
Chipogolo [Tanzania] (see Pogoro)
Chipogoro [Tanzania] (see Pogoro)
Chippewa [Canada] (see Ottawa)
Chippewa [United States of America]
Chippewa: Central Minnesota Chippewa [United States of America]
Chippewa: Minnesota Border Chippewa [United States of America]
Chippewa: Red Lake Chippewa [United States of America]
Chippewa: Upper Michian-wisconsin Chippewa [United States of America]
Chiquena [Brazil, Pará] (see Sikiana)
Chiquiana [Brazil, Pará] (see Sikiana)
Chiquián Ancash Quechua [Peru] (see Quechua, Chiquian Ancash)
Chiquihuitlán Mazatec [Mexico] (see Mazatec, Chiquihuitlan)
Chiquimula [Guatemala] (see Quiche: Chiquimula & Momostenango)
Chiquimula & Momostenango [Guatemala] (see Quiche: Chiquimula & Momostenango)
Chiquitano [Bolivia]
Chiquitano: Concepcion, Besiro [Bolivia] (see Chiquitano: Lomerio)
Chiquitano Ignaciano [Bolivia] (see Chiquitano: San Ignacio De Velazco)
Chiquitano: Lomerio [Bolivia]
Chiquitano: San Ignacio de Velasco [Bolivia] (see Chiquitano: San Ignacio De Velazco)
Chiquitano: San Ignacio De Velazco [Bolivia]
Chiquitano: San Javier [Bolivia]
Chiquitano: San Miguel [Bolivia]
Chiquitano: Santiago [Bolivia]
Chiquito [Bolivia] (see Chiquitano)
Chir [South Sudan, Central Equatorial State] (see Mandari)
Chiraguana [Bolivia] (see Guarani, Eastern Bolivian: Ava)
Chiricahua [United States of America] (see Apache, Chiricahua)
Chirichano [Venezuela] (see Sanuma)
Chirichano [Venezuela] (see Sape)
Chiricoa [Colombia] (see Cuiba: Chiricoa)
Chiriguano [Bolivia] (see Guarani, Eastern Bolivian: Ava)
Chirima [Mozambique] (see Xirima)
Chiripa [Paraguay]
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