The True Church

Outline: Contrasts Protestant and Catholic churches, Bible teaching versus Catholic doctrine. Probably should not be used as it too blatantly attacks the Roman Catholic church.

Script Number:X24
Theme:Church, Christianity; No other gods, idols; Word of God (the Bible); Heaven
Bible Quotation:None

Script Text

Here on this island/in this country there are two Missions. One is the Protestant and the other is Roman Catholic. Which is true?

When the Roman Catholic priest comes to our village, he says, "We are the first church!" It is true, but this does not mean they are the true church. Here in Papua there have been many big villages. Then a quarrel has taken place and the village has divided because one part of the village was wrong.

The Protestant church began when the Roman Catholic church no longer taught the Bible truly. It is the same today. The Roman Catholics teach many things that are not in the Bible. That is why we do not join them. God says we must obey His book.

The Roman Catholics say that the Pope, their leader in Rome, is the head of the church. The Bible say Jesus Christ is the head of the church and that He always will be. That is why we must obey the words of the Lord, and not the Pope.

The Roman Catholics say that Popes cannot make mistakes when they guide the Roman Catholic church. When we read the history about the Roman Catholic church, we know this is not true. The Bible says only Jesus Christ is without sin. Only God makes no mistakes.

The Roman Catholics say that you should pray to Mary. But the Bible never teaches this. The Bible tells us that we should pray to God in Jesus' name. God says that when we obey His book we walk in the light. If we disobey the Bible, we walk in darkness. It is wrong to worship a woman.

The Roman Catholics teach that when a man dies he goes to a small fire place called Purgatory. They say that the small fire place is to clean up the dead man's sins. The Roman Catholics say we must pray for our relative in purgatory. When enough prayers (and money) have been given, your relations will be let out. This is false. No place in the Bible does it tell us about purgatory. The Bible tells us of one place called heaven, and another place called hell. The Bible teaches that people who trust Jesus have all of their sins forgiven. God promises never to remember our sins anymore. There are no sins for any little fire to burn up.

The Roman Catholics will give you pins to hang around your neck. They say that St Joseph will watch over you if you have his pin wherever you go. This is not true either. The Bible does not teach this. The Bible says that Jesus, God's Son, is with us always if He is in our hearts. Jesus is sufficient (enough) for us. We don't need any pins.

Now I will ask you, if there are two springs to drink from, one with clear water and the other with dirty water, which one will you go to? That is why we and our children stay with the_________________mission. We want to know the Bible, trust Jesus as our Saviour, and seek to do God's will.