Jesus, Word of God

Outline: Dialogue with a Muslim. Jesus isn't another God. Jesus is the Eternal God to bring us to salvation. Put your trust in Jesus, honor Him, and receive forgiveness and peace. Prayer to receive Christ.

Script Number:328
Theme:Peace with God; Sacrifice / Atonement; Honor God; Saviour of Sinful Men; Cleanse, purify; Faith, trust, believe in Jesus
Bible Quotation:Minimal

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Script Text

1. Greetings.

2. Response.

1. Friend, may I ask you something about what you Christians believe? Is it true that you believe Jesus is another God?

2. No, this is not true. The Bible tells us that there is only one God and there is no other besides Him to be worshipped. The Bible describes Jesus as the Word of God as the Quran does. The Injil says, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." So when we read the Holy Scriptures about the Word of God it doesn't mean another God. We would never accept that. The Word means God Himself in action.

1. I am still a little confused. Please tell me more about Jesus as the Word of God mentioned in your holy writings.

2. O.K., I will try. The Injil goes on to explain to us who Jesus the Messiah is. He is the Eternal Word of God Who came into the world, and was born as a baby. He humbled Himself to become on the same level as we are, yet showing us the glory of God and bringing us salvation. Jesus is the Kalimatu-lla. (Word of God.)

1. This means that you don't really believe Jesus is another God. This is what we were led to believe by Christians and by fellow Muslims.

2. We are sorry that Christians have sometimes given a false impression that Jesus is another God. That is not what we mean at all. God revealed Himself through His Word, Jesus the Messiah. This is so that we can know God and pray to Him through Jesus Christ our Lord.

By believing in and accepting Jesus we put our trust in God. By honoring Jesus the Messiah we are honoring God's Word and at the same time honoring God. Put your trust in Jesus the Messiah, God's Word and you will receive forgiveness of your sins and peace with God.

God says in His Holy Book, "Ask and you shall receive." He wants you to talk to Him. He will hear you wherever you are. You may say, "Jesus, please forgive my sins. I believe that You are God's Word and I will honor You. I thank You for making the sacrifice for me."