Telling the story of Jesus in every language

GRN Recordist

  • Work in some of the remotest places on earth.
  • Be trained to operate the latest sound and audio editing computer equipment
  • Bring the gospel to the least reached language groups in the world

GRN recordists are on the cutting edge of world missions. We work with high priority languages that typically have not yet had a bible translated or where there are many who are not able to read well enough to understand it. When churches or missionaries want to reach these people groups they request that a GRN Recordist produce the materials for them. Typically it takes 1-4 weeks to produce the audio recordings. GRN provides all training in recording techniques, linguistics and cross-cultural issues. You will see the world, work with some amazing people and if you want to, have the opportunity to work in some of the remotest regions on earth.

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Recordist Training: Our goal is to tell the story of Jesus in every language. It is the recordist who captures the story and puts it into a form that the speakers of that particular language can relate to and understand.

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