GRN Bible Picture Index

This index gives the Bible reference and Picture Title for all pictures in the Good News, Look Listen & Live, and The Living Christ picture series. Some pictures are used in more than one place, so any cross references are also given.

PictureBible ReferenceTitleCross Ref

Good News

GN/1Genesis 1:1-5; Psalm 90:2In the Beginning
GN/2Isaiah 45:18-19; Hebrews 4:12The Word of God
GN/3Genesis 1:1-25Creation
GN/4Genesis 1:26-31, 2:7 - 3:24Adam and Eve
GN/5Genesis 4:1-16; Romans 3:23Cain and Abel
GN/6Genesis 6:1-22; 2 Peter 3:9Noah's Ark
GN/7Genesis 7:1-24The Flood
GN/8Genesis 17:1-8, 21:1-7; Matthew 1:1-16Abraham, Sarah and Isaac
GN/9Exodus 19:1-25, 34:27-32Moses and the Law of God
GN/10Exodus 20:1-17The Ten Commandments
GN/11Leviticus 4:27-35; John 1:29Sacrifice for Sin
GN/12Luke 1:26-38; Matthew 1:18-25A Saviour Promised (The Angel and Joseph)TLC/8 (mod)
GN/13Luke 2:1-20The Birth of Jesus
GN/14Luke 2:41-52; Mark 6:34Jesus as Teacher
GN/15Mark 8:22-26; 5:35-43; 6:45-52Miracles of Jesus
GN/16Matthew 27:11-31Jesus Suffers
GN/17Mark 15:22-39; 1 Peter 2:21-24Jesus is Crucified
GN/18Luke 23:50 - 24:9The Resurrection
GN/19John 20:19-31Thomas BelievesTLC/115 (mod)
GN/20Acts 1:1-11The Ascension
GN/211 Peter 3:18The Empty Cross
GN/22Matthew 7:13-14; John 3:16; 1 John 1:9The Two Roads
GN/23John 6:37-40, 14:6God's Children
GN/24John 3:1-18; Titus 3:4-7Born Again (Jesus Teaches Nicodemus)TLC/19
GN/25John 14:15-18; Acts 2:1-39The Holy Spirit Comes
GN/26John 3:19-21, 8:12; 1 John 1:5-7Walking in the Light
GN/27Galatians 5:16-26; Ephesians 4:22-32A New Person
GN/28Ephesians 5:21 - 6:4The Christian Family
GN/29Matthew 5:43-48; Luke 10:25-37Love Your Enemies
GN/30Acts 19:18-20; Psalm 115:1-8Jesus is the Powerful One
GN/31Mark 5:1-20Casting out Evil Spirits
GN/32Matthew 6:24; 1 Timothy 6:6-10Temptation
GN/33Luke 15:11-32If We Sin
GN/34James 5:13-16; Philippians 4:6-7Sickness
GN/351 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Hebrews 2:14-15Death
GN/361 Corinthians 12:12-31; Ephesians 4:11-16The Body of Christ
GN/37Hebrews 10:24-25; 1 Corinthians 11:23-34Meeting for Worship
GN/38John 14:1-3; 1 Thessalonians 4:13 - 5:4Jesus Will Return
GN/39Matthew 7:15-20; Galatians 5:22-23Bearing Fruit
GN/40Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8Witnessing

Look, Listen & Live 1: Beginning with GOD

LLL1/1Genesis 1:1 - 2:14Adam and the AnimalTLC/2
LLL1/2Genesis 2:15-25A Wife for Adam
LLL1/3Genesis 3:1-8The Snake in the GardenTLC/3
LLL1/4Genesis 3:9-24Adam and Eve Outside the GardenTLC/4
LLL1/5Genesis 6:1-22Noah and the Great Boat
LLL1/6Genesis 7:1-24The Great Flood
LLL1/7Genesis 8:13-22The Rainbow and God's Promise
LLL1/8Genesis 11:1-9The Tower of Babel
LLL1/9Job 1:1-12Job Worships God
LLL1/10Job 1:13-22Job in Mourning
LLL1/11Job 2:1 - 41:34Job Suffers
LLL1/12Job 42:1-17Job is Restored
LLL1/13Genesis 12:1 - 13:4Abraham Leaves His Home
LLL1/14Genesis 13:5-18Abraham and Lot
LLL1/15Genesis 14:1-24Abraham Meets the King of Peace
LLL1/16Genesis 15:1-21Abraham Counts the StarsTLC/5
LLL1/17Genesis 16:1-16The Baby Ishmael
LLL1/18Genesis 18:1-15Sarah Laughs
LLL1/19Genesis 18:16 - 19:29Abraham Prays for Sodom
LLL1/20Genesis 21:1 - 22:19Abraham's Sacrifice
LLL1/21Genesis 24:1 - 25:26Old Abraham and His Servant
LLL1/22Matthew 1:18-25; Galatians 4:4-5Jesus is BornLLL7/1, TLC/11
LLL1/23Galatians 3:13-14The Death of JesusLLL5/23
LLL1/24John 20:19-29Jesus is Alive!

Look, Listen & Live 2: Mighty Men of GOD

LLL2/1Genesis 25:21-34, 27:1-29The Two Brothers
LLL2/2Genesis 28:10-22Jacob's Dream
LLL2/3Genesis 29:1 - 31:55Jacob and Laban
LLL2/4Genesis 32:1-32Jacob Meets God
LLL2/5Genesis 37:1-11Joseph's Dream
LLL2/6Genesis 37:12-36Joseph is Sold
LLL2/7Genesis 39:1-20Joseph and the Wicked Woman
LLL2/8Genesis 39:20 - 40:23Joseph in Prison
LLL2/9Genesis 41:1-45The King's Dream
LLL2/10Genesis 41:47 - 42:28Joseph Rules in Egypt
LLL2/11Genesis 43:1 - 45:28Joseph Revealed to His Brothers
LLL2/12Genesis 46:1 - 50:26Jacob and Joseph in Egypt
LLL2/13Exodus 2:1-10Baby Moses
LLL2/14Exodus 2:11 - 4:17Moses and the Burning Bush
LLL2/15Exodus 3:11 - 10:29Moses Returns to the King
LLL2/16Exodus 12:1-36The Sacrificed Lamb
LLL2/17Exodus 13:17 - 14:31Through the Sea
LLL2/18Exodus 16:1 - 17:7Food & Water in the Desert
LLL2/19Exodus 19:1 - 20:21; 24:12-18; 34:1-10Moses on the Mountain
LLL2/20Numbers 21:4-9; Deuteronomy 18:18The Snake on the Pole
LLL2/21John 6:1-58Jesus Feeds the PeopleLLL7/6, TLC/51
LLL2/22Luke 9:28-36Jesus Speaks with MosesLLL4/24, TLC/58
LLL2/23John 3:14-16Jesus Died for UsLLL7/11, TLC/108
LLL2/24Acts 1:6-11Jesus in HeavenLLL8/1, TLC/118

Look, Listen & Live 3: Victory through GOD

LLL3/1Exodus 17:8-13Joshua Fights The Amalekites
LLL3/2Numbers 13:1 - 14:35The Spies with the Fruit of Canaan
LLL3/3Joshua 3:1-17The People of Israel Cross the River
LLL3/4Joshua 6:1-27The Walls of Jericho Fall Down
LLL3/5Joshua 7:1-12Israel Flees from Ai
LLL3/6Joshua 7:14-26The Judgment of Achan
LLL3/7Joshua 10:1-14The Sun and the Moon Stand Still
LLL3/8Joshua 24:1-31Joshua Instructs the People
LLL3/9Judges 4:1-9Deborah Speaks for God
LLL3/10Judges 4:10-16God Helps Defeat Sisera
LLL3/11Judges 4:17-24Jael Kills Sisera
LLL3/12Judges 5:1-31Israel Celebrates
LLL3/13Judges 6:1-24Gideon And The Angel Of God
LLL3/14Judges 6:25-32Gideon Destroys The Idols
LLL3/15Judges 7:1-7Gideon's Army Drinks The Water
LLL3/16Judges 7:16-25Gideon's Men Surround Midian
LLL3/17Judges 14:1-20Samson Kills A Lion
LLL3/18Judges 15:1-17Samson And The Burning Foxes
LLL3/19Judges 16:4-22The Philistines Cut Samson's Hair
LLL3/20Judges 16:23-31Samson Destroys The Philistines
LLL3/21Luke 8:26-39Jesus Drives Out Evil SpiritsTLC/47
LLL3/22Luke 19:45-48Jesus Drives Out Evil MenTLC/89
LLL3/23Luke 24:46-48Jesus Is Alive After DeathTLC/117 (mod)
LLL3/24Ephesians 6:10-18The Soldier For God

Look, Listen & Live 4: Servants of GOD

LLL4/1Ruth 1:1-5A Family Flees from Famine
LLL4/2Ruth 1:6-22Naomi and Ruth Return to Israel
LLL4/3Ruth 2:1-23Ruth in The Harvest Field
LLL4/4Ruth 3:1-18Ruth and Boaz at the Threshing Floor
LLL4/5Ruth 4:1-22Boaz and the Elders of Bethlehem
LLL4/6Luke 1:26-38Mary and the Angel of GodTLC/7
LLL4/71 Samuel 1:1-20Hannah Prays to God
LLL4/81 Samuel 1:24-28, 2:12-21, 3:1-21The Child Samuel in the House of God
LLL4/91 Samuel 7:2-14Samuel Prays for Israel
LLL4/101 Samuel 8:1 - 10:1Samuel Anoints Saul with Oil
LLL4/111 Samuel 15:1-29Saul Tears Samuel's Robe
LLL4/12Luke 2:41-50Jesus in the House of GodTLC/14
LLL4/131 Samuel 16:1-13, 17:34-35David, The Brave Shepherd
LLL4/141 Samuel 17:1-54David and the Giant
LLL4/151 Samuel 18:1 - 23:29Saul Tries to Kill David
LLL4/161 Samuel 26:1-25David Spares Saul's Life
LLL4/171 Samuel 31:1-7; 2 Samuel 5:1-16David is Made King
LLL4/182 Samuel 11:1 - 12:20David and Bathsheba
LLL4/191 Chronicles 22:1-19A House for God
LLL4/20Matthew 21:1-11Jesus Comes into JerusalemTLC/88
LLL4/211 Kings 17:1-6The Birds Feed Elijah
LLL4/221 Kings 18:16-46Elijah and the Fire of God
LLL4/231 Kings 19:1-21; 2 Kings 2:1-14Elijah Goes to Heaven
LLL4/24Luke 9:28-36Elijah with Jesus and MosesLLL2/22, TLC/58

Look, Listen & Live 5: On Trial for GOD

LLL5/12 Kings 5:1-12Naaman Visits Elisha's House
LLL5/22 Kings 5:13-19Naaman in the River
LLL5/32 Kings 6:8-17Elisha and the Army of God
LLL5/42 Kings 6:18-23Elisha and the Blind Army
LLL5/52 Kings 6:24 - 7:2The Siege of Samaria
LLL5/62 Kings 7:3-20The Four Lepers
LLL5/7Jonah 1:1-7Jonah flees from God
LLL5/8Jonah 1:8 - 2:10Jonah and the Great Fish
LLL5/9Jonah 3:1-10Jonah at Nineveh
LLL5/10Esther 1:1 - 2:18Esther and the King
LLL5/11Esther 3:1 - 4:17Mordecai Refuses to Bow Down
LLL5/12Esther 5:1 - 7:10Esther's Feast
LLL5/13Daniel 1:1-20Daniel and His Friends
LLL5/14Daniel 2:1-49Daniel and the King of Babylon
LLL5/15Daniel 3:1-12The Image of Gold
LLL5/16Daniel 3:13-30The Furnace of Fire
LLL5/17Daniel 6:1-13Daniel Prays to God
LLL5/18Daniel 6:14-24Daniel in the Lions' Den
LLL5/19Nehemiah 1:1 - 2:7Nehemiah Before the Great King
LLL5/20Nehemiah 2:7-20Nehemiah Inspects the Ruined City
LLL5/21Nehemiah 3:1 - 6:19Building the Walls
LLL5/22Nehemiah 8:1 - 13:31Ezra Reads the Law
LLL5/23John 19:17-30; Romans 5:8Jesus on the CrossLLL1/23
LLL5/24Matthew 7:13; John 14:6Jesus Shows the Way to LifeTLC/37

Look, Listen & Live 6: JESUS - Teacher & Healer

LLL6/1Matthew 5:1-2Jesus Teaches the PeopleTLC/33
LLL6/2Matthew 7:24-27The Two HousesTLC/38
LLL6/3Matthew 5:14-16A Light Should be SeenTLC/34
LLL6/4Matthew 5:38-42A Roman Beats a JewTLC/35
LLL6/5Matthew 6:5-15Praying to GodTLC/36
LLL6/6Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43Evil Men Sow WeedsTLC/44 (mod)
LLL6/7Matthew 18:1-6, 19:13-15Jesus and the ChildrenTLC/83
LLL6/8Matthew 18:12-14The Shepherd and the SheepTLC/62
LLL6/9Matthew 18:21-35The Unforgiving ServantTLC/63
LLL6/10Matthew 20:1-16Workers Receive Their PayTLC/85
LLL6/11Matthew 25:1-13Five Women Outside the DoorTLC/94
LLL6/12Matthew 25:14-30The Master and His ServantsTLC/95
LLL6/13Mark 1:4-11Jesus is BaptizedTLC/16
LLL6/14Mark 1:14-20Jesus Calls HelpersTLC/22
LLL6/15Mark 1:40-45A Man with LeprosyTLC/26
LLL6/16Mark 2:1-12A Man Comes Through the RoofTLC/27
LLL6/17Mark 3:1-5Jesus Heals a Man's HandTLC/32
LLL6/18Mark 4:35-41Jesus Calms a StormTLC/46
LLL6/19Mark 5:25-34A Woman in the CrowdTLC/48
LLL6/20Mark 5:22-24, 35-43Jesus and the Dead ChildTLC/49
LLL6/21Mark 7:24-30Jesus and the Foreign WomanTLC/54 (mod)
LLL6/22Mark 7:31-37Jesus and the Deaf and Dumb ManTLC/55
LLL6/23Mark 8:22-26Jesus Makes a Blind Man SeeTLC/56
LLL6/24Mark 9:14-27Jesus Heals a Boy with a DemonTLC/59

Look, Listen & Live 7: JESUS - Lord & Saviour

LLL7/1John 1:1-14; Luke 2; Colossians 1:16The Birth of JesusLLL1/22, TLC/11
LLL7/2John 2:1-11Jesus Turns Water into WineTLC/18
LLL7/3John 3:1-36Jesus Speaks to Nicodemus
LLL7/4John 4:46-54A Ruler Kneels before JesusTLC/21
LLL7/5John 5:1-47The Sick Man at the PoolTLC/30
LLL7/6John 6:1-15, 25-58Jesus Feeds 5000 PeopleLLL2/21, TLC/51
LLL7/7John 6:15-21Jesus Walks on the WaterTLC/52
LLL7/8John 9:1-41Jesus Heals a Blind ManTLC/65
LLL7/9John 11:1-46Jesus Calls Lazarus from DeathTLC/79
LLL7/10John 18:1 - 19:42Jesus Dies on the CrossLLL2/23, TLC/108
LLL7/11John 19:42 - 20:18Mary and Jesus at the TombTLC/112
LLL7/12John 20:30 - 21:19Jesus Appears to His FriendsTLC/116
LLL7/13Luke 24:13-35Jesus Teaches Two FriendsTLC/113
LLL7/14Luke 15:11-19The Son Among the PigsTLC/76
LLL7/15Luke 15:20-32The Lost Son Comes HomeTLC/77
LLL7/16Luke 12:13-34The Wealth of a Rich ManTLC/70
LLL7/17Luke 16:19-31The Beggar and the Rich ManTLC/78
LLL7/18Luke 11:5-13The Friend at the DoorTLC/69
LLL7/19Luke 18:9-14Two Men in God's HouseTLC/82
LLL7/20Luke 8:4-8A Man Sows His SeedTLC/42
LLL7/21Luke 8:9-15The Seed GrowsTLC/43
LLL7/22Luke 10:25-37Help for an Injured ManTLC/67
LLL7/23Luke 12:35-48The House Owner Comes HomeTLC/71
LLL7/24Luke 19:1-10The Man up a TreeTLC/87

Look, Listen & Live 8: Acts of the HOLY SPIRIT

LLL8/1Acts 1:1-11Jesus Goes up to HeavenLLL2/24, TLC/118
LLL8/2Acts 2:1-12The Holy Spirit Comes with Fire
LLL8/3Acts 2:14-41Peter Preaches to the People
LLL8/4Acts 2:42-47The Church Family
LLL8/5Acts 3:1-16A Crippled Beggar is Healed
LLL8/6Acts 5:1-11Peter and the Woman who Lied
LLL8/7Acts 6:1 - 8:3Stephen is Killed
LLL8/8Acts 8:4-8, 26-40The Ethiopian Traveller
LLL8/9Acts 10:9-16Peter's Vision of the Animals
LLL8/10Acts 10:1-8, 17-48Peter and the Romans
LLL8/11Acts 12:1-11Peter in Prison
LLL8/12Acts 12:12-19Peter and His Friends
LLL8/13Acts 9:1-9The Light and the Voice from Heaven
LLL8/14Acts 9:10-20Blind Paul and Ananias
LLL8/15Acts 13:1-3The Church Prays for Paul & Barnabas
LLL8/16Acts 13:4-52Paul Preaches about Jesus
LLL8/17Acts 16:6-10Paul's Vision of the Man
LLL8/18Acts 16:16-35Paul and Silas in the Earthquake
LLL8/19Acts 17:16-34Paul & the Altar to the Unknown God
LLL8/20Acts 18:1-17Paul is Taken to Court
LLL8/21Acts 21:1 - 22:24Soldiers Rescue Paul from the Jews
LLL8/22Acts 25:1 - 26:32Paul Preaches to Kings
LLL8/23Acts 27:1-44The Shipwreck
LLL8/24Acts 28:16-31Paul as a Prisoner in Rome

The Living Christ

TLC/1John 1:1-5Christ in the Beginning
TLC/2Genesis 2:4-22God Created all ThingsLLL1/1 (mod)
TLC/3Genesis 3:1-7Satan Tempts Adam and EveLLL1/3
TLC/4Genesis 3:8-24Adam and Eve Cast Out of the GardenLLL1/4
TLC/5Genesis 15:1-6, 22:15-18God's Promise to AbrahamLLL1/16
TLC/6Luke 1:5-25Zechariah and the Angel
TLC/7Luke 1:26-38The Angel Speaks to MaryLLL4/6
TLC/8Matthew 1:18-25The Angel and JosephGN/12 (mod)
TLC/9Luke 2:1-7The Birth of Jesus
TLC/10Luke 2:8-14The Shepherds and the Angels
TLC/11Luke 2:15-20The Shepherds Visit Baby JesusLLL1/22, LLL7/1
TLC/12Luke 2:21-38Simeon Prophesies about Jesus
TLC/13Matthew 2:1-12The Visit of the Wise Men
TLC/14Luke 2:39-50The Boy Jesus at the TempleLLL4/12
TLC/15Matthew 3:1-12The Message of John the Baptist
TLC/16Matthew 3:13-17The Baptism of JesusLLL6/13
TLC/17Matthew 4:1-11Jesus Tested by Satan
TLC/18John 2:1-11The Marriage Feast at CanaLLL7/2
TLC/19John 3:1-21Jesus Teaches NicodemusGN/24
TLC/20John 4:1-26Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
TLC/21John 4:46-54Jesus and the OfficialLLL7/4
TLC/22Mark 1:16-20Jesus Calls the First DisciplesLLL6/14
TLC/23Luke 5:1-11The Great Catch of Fish
TLC/24Mark 1:21-28Jesus Drives Out an Evil Spirit
TLC/25Mark 1:29-34Jesus Heals Peter's Mother-in-Law
TLC/26Mark 1:40-45Jesus Touches a Man with LeprosyLLL6/15
TLC/27Mark 2:1-12Jesus Heals a Paralysed ManLLL6/16
TLC/28Mark 2:13-14Jesus Calls Matthew to Follow Him
TLC/29Mark 2:15-17Jesus at Matthew's Feast
TLC/30John 5:1-15Jesus Heals the Man at the PoolLLL7/5
TLC/31Mark 2:23-28Disciples Pick Grain on the Sabbath
TLC/32Mark 3:1-6Jesus Heals a Withered HandLLL6/17
TLC/33Matthew 5:1-12Jesus Teaches the PeopleLLL6/1
TLC/34Matthew 5:14-16Teaching about Light in the DarknessLLL6/3
TLC/35Matthew 5:38-48Teaching about RevengeLLL6/4
TLC/36Matthew 6:5-15Teaching about PrayerLLL6/5
TLC/37Matthew 7:13-14The Two Ways of LifeLLL5/24
TLC/38Matthew 7:24-29The House on the RockLLL6/2
TLC/39Luke 7:11-17Jesus Raises a Widow's Son
TLC/40Matthew 11:1-15John the Baptist in Prison
TLC/41Luke 7:36-50A Woman Washes Jesus' Feet
TLC/42Mark 4:1-9The Parable of the SowerLLL7/20
TLC/43Mark 4:10-20The Parable of the SeedLLL7/21
TLC/44Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43The Parable of the WeedsLLL6/6 (mod)
TLC/45Matthew 13:44The Parable of the Hidden Treasure
TLC/46Mark 4:35-41Jesus Calms the StormLLL6/18
TLC/47Mark 5:1-20Jesus Heals a Man with Many DemonsLLL3/21
TLC/48Mark 5:21-34The Healing of a Woman in the CrowdLLL6/19
TLC/49Mark 5:35-43A Dead Girl is Raised to LifeLLL6/20
TLC/50Luke 9:1-6Jesus Sends out the Twelve Disciples
TLC/51Luke 9:10-17Jesus Feeds Five Thousand PeopleLLL2/21, LLL7/6
TLC/52John 6:14-21Jesus Walks on the WaterLLL7/7
TLC/53John 6:22-40, 60-66The Bread of Life
TLC/54Mark 7:24-30The Faith of a Foreign WomanLLL6/21 (mod)
TLC/55Mark 7:31-37The Healing of a Deaf and Dumb ManLLL6/22
TLC/56Mark 8:22-26Jesus Heals a Blind ManLLL6/23
TLC/57Mark 8:27-31Peter's Confession of the Christ
TLC/58Mark 9:1-8The Transfiguration of Jesus ChristLLL2/22, LLL4/24
TLC/59Mark 9:14-29Jesus Heals a Boy with a DemonLLL6/24
TLC/60Matthew 17:24-27Peter Pays the Temple Tax
TLC/61Matthew 18:1-6Who is the Greatest in God's Kingdom?
TLC/62Matthew 18:10-14Parable of the Lost SheepLLL6/8
TLC/63Matthew 18:21-35Parable of the Unforgiving ServantLLL6/9
TLC/64John 8:1-11The Woman Caught in Adultery
TLC/65John 9:1-41Jesus Heals a Man Born BlindLLL7/8
TLC/66John 10:1-21Parable of the Good Shepherd
TLC/67Luke 10:25-37Parable of the Good SamaritanLLL7/22
TLC/68Luke 10:38-42Jesus at the Home of Mary and Martha
TLC/69Luke 11:1-13Parable of the Friend at MidnightLLL7/18
TLC/70Luke 12:13-21Parable of the Rich FoolLLL7/16
TLC/71Luke 12:35-40Servants ready for their Master's ReturnLLL7/23
TLC/72Luke 13:10-17Jesus Heals a Crippled Woman
TLC/73Luke 14:15-24Parable of the Great Feast
TLC/74Luke 15:8-10Parable of the Lost Coin
TLC/75Luke 15:11-13Parable of the Lost Son
TLC/76Luke 15:14-19The Lost Son Among the PigsLLL7/14
TLC/77Luke 15:20-32The Lost Son Returns HomeLLL7/15
TLC/78Luke 16:19-31The Rich Man and the BeggarLLL7/17
TLC/79John 11:1-44Jesus Raises Lazarus from DeathLLL7/9
TLC/80Luke 17:11-19Jesus Heals Ten Lepers
TLC/81Luke 18:1-8Parable of the Persistent Widow
TLC/82Luke 18:9-14The Pharisee and the Tax CollectorLLL7/19
TLC/83Mark 10:13-16Jesus Blesses the ChildrenLLL6/7
TLC/84Mark 10:17-27Jesus and the Rich Young Man
TLC/85Matthew 20:1-16Parable of Workers in the VineyardLLL6/10
TLC/86Luke 18:35-43A Blind Beggar Healed at Jericho
TLC/87Luke 19:1-10Jesus and ZacchaeusLLL7/24
TLC/88Mark 11:1-11Jesus Enters JerusalemLLL4/20
TLC/89Mark 11:15-18Jesus Clears the TempleLLL3/22
TLC/90Mark 12:1-12Parable of the Wicked Tenants
TLC/91Mark 12:13-17Paying Taxes to Caesar
TLC/92Mark 12:41-44The Poor Widow's Offering
TLC/93Matthew 24:1-14Jesus Teaches about the End Times
TLC/94Matthew 25:1-13Parable of the Ten VirginsLLL6/11
TLC/95Matthew 25:14-30Parable of the TalentsLLL6/12
TLC/96Matthew 25:31-46Parable of the Sheep and the Goats
TLC/97Mark 14:1-9Jesus Anointed at Bethany
TLC/98Mark 14:10-11Judas Iscariot Betrays Jesus
TLC/99John 13:1-17Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet
TLC/100Mark 14:22-25Teaching at the Last Supper
TLC/101John 15:1-17Teaching about the True Vine
TLC/102Mark 14:32-42Jesus Prays in Gethsemane
TLC/103Mark 14:43-50Jesus Arrested
TLC/104Mark 14:53-65Jesus Tried before the High Priest
TLC/105Mark 14:66-72Peter Denies Jesus
TLC/106Mark 15:1-15Jesus Tried before Pilate
TLC/107John 19:16-17Jesus Led Out to be Crucified
TLC/108Mark 15:25-39The CrucifixionLLL2/23, LLL7/10
TLC/109Mark 15:42-47The Burial of Jesus
TLC/110Matthew 28:1-7The Women at the Tomb
TLC/111John 20:1-9Peter and John at the Empty Tomb
TLC/112John 20:10-18Jesus Appears to Mary MagdaleneLLL7/11
TLC/113Luke 24:13-35Jesus on the Road to EmmausLLL7/13
TLC/114John 20:19-23Jesus Appears to His Disciples
TLC/115John 20:24-31Jesus Appears to ThomasGN/19 (mod)
TLC/116John 21:1-14Jesus Appears in GalileeLLL7/12
TLC/117Matthew 28:16-20Jesus Commissions His DisciplesLLL3/23 (mod)
TLC/118Acts 1:6-12Jesus Ascends into HeavenLLL2/24, LLL8/1
TLC/119Mark 16:19Jesus at the Right Hand of God
TLC/120Revelation 1:7-8Jesus Will Return

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