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GRN offices throughout the Oceania region operate under various names. Contact them for more information about their ministry, availability of materials, and pricing.

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Work in Australia was established in 1953 following a visit by Joy Ridderhoff, the founder of Gospel Recordings (as it was then). From its beginning the work has focused on technical and resource development. Many models of Hand wind record players, the GRIP and Messenger 2 hand wind cassette players, the audio-visual Bible teaching presentations Good News, Look, Listen & Live and The Living Christ were all developed in the Australian Centre. Recently the Australian Centre in cooperation with the GRN USA office and other Christian technology ministries have developed the Saber hand wind digital audio player.

A particular focus of the Australia Centres is supporting GRN Centres around the world through finance, prayer, training, technical support and resources; and to encourage and support the work in the Oceania region.

Recordings have been made in nearly 100 Australian Aboriginal languages and dialects, and in many other languages spoken by migrant communities in Australia.


Spread over several hundred islands, populated with hundreds of ethnic groups, speaking well over a thousand languages and dialect, Indonesia presents a huge challenge to the effective communication of God's word. Protestant and Catholic Christianity make up nearly 10% of a predominantly Muslim population.

Recordings are available in over 500 Indonesian languages and dialects. The small Indonesian team are concentrating on recording the remaining languages and making the resources available to those who would like to use them.

New Zealand

Recordings are available in the Maori language of New Zealand, and other languages spoken in the country. There is a local Representative who facilitates collection of donations for the Mission, but orders are handled by the Australian office.

Papua New Guinea

Despite a largely nominal Christian population, PNG remains a focus for GRN work due to the presence of over 900 languages and dialects, the predominantly 'oral' nature of the society, and the many languages still without vernacular Bible materials. Recordings have been made in more than 650 languages and dialects.

Recordings are being made by our recordist based in the Western Highlands and, from time to time, by recordists from the Australian Centre. Frequently the work is done in partnership with national or expatriate Bible translation workers.


Intensive mission work has gone on for many years in the Philippines but there are still some largely unreached people groups. These are the focus of GRN Philippines. Materials are available in approximately 130 out of 360 languages and dialects spoken in the country.

Solomon Islands

Like much of the Pacific region, the Solomon Islands have many small language groups many of which have very little vernacular material available. The church is widespread but poorly resourced and there is a great need to help the people really understand their faith. Vernacular materials particularly in audio format are a vital for this process.

Recordings are available in 90 out of the 140 languages and dialects.


This is another Pacific nation with many small language groups, a widely established church, predominantly oral cultures and few effective vernacular materials.

An Australian family is spending a few years here adding to recordings made many years ago.

Other Pacific Nations

Over many years recordings have been made in the languages of the Pacific Region. They can be obtained from either the Australian or USA Centres and some are available via the website.