Global Recordings Network Nepal

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Global Recordings Network Nepal

GRN Nepal produces recordings of the Gospel message in the different languages and dialects of this country.

There are 145 different languages and dialects in Nepal. Since 1982, GRN Nepal has produced Gospel recordings in over 100 of them.

Our work never ends. We endeavour to produce different materials in each language, for example, Bible stories, parables, indigenous songs, testimonies and Bible teaching materials.

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  • Director: Surendra Shrestha
  • P.O.Box 7650 Nepal
  • Kathmandu Nepal
  • In search of Nepal's Monkey Hunters - "There has been much opposition to the recording of this language. The tribe was very resistant and said that the gods would not let them tell their language to anyone else."
  • Survey of a tailender group in Nepal - The village I surveyed was a around a hundred buildings, each with 5 to 10 family members including the children and old men. Only one young man in the village had ever been to college.
  • 'His' story in Nepal - Nepal has a population close on 30 million, consisting of many Ethnic groups.

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