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  • India - Hearing God's Voice - Varanasi is a 'Holy' City for Hindus. Every day, thousands of devotees from around the world visit the temples around the city. Witnessing to Christ in this environment is tough and risky!
  • Stories from Asia - GRN resources are being used to further God's Kingdom in Asia.
  • The Harvest Fields on Top of the World - Read a report about one Trekabout team's experiences distributing GRN materials in Nepal.
  • Recording in West Papua - Testimonies about the exciting responses to recording and distribution of GRN materials in West Papua.
  • Electronic Prophets - Read about how the SABER is impacting on Australia's most remote communities for the gospel.
  • Special Gift - Touching story of one teenager's special gift to GRN.
  • A Great Package! - A Nigerian Evangelist explains his excitement about the Good News Program, especially now the images have been transferred to Video Compact Discs (VCD).
  • A Saber in Action - Read the exciting reports about the Saber being used in the field.
  • Ministry Update: The Americas Project - For the past ten years, GRN Mexico under the leadership of David and Gerry Gutierrez has been training Latin Americans to record and distribute audiovisual material among the tribal people of Mexico and six South American countries.
  • Project India Report: A Bit of Paradise - The state of Arunachal Pradesh is known as the land of the dawn lit mountains. It is a bit of paradise right at the top of northeastern India. Read about the work God is doing through GRN Project India amongst the people there.
  • Saved From the Brink of Death - Language helpers who speak on our recordings often have interesting backgrounds. The following is especially remarkable.
  • Spend a Year in Thailand - An exciting opportunity exists to serve with GRN in Thailand.
  • The Land of Upright People - Pastor Jacques Nignan reports that outreach programs run in partnership with other churches and missions resulted in over 700 people coming to faith in Christ. Here are some stories and testimonies from Burkina Faso.
  • News from Chad - Read about God's work through GRN in Chad.
  • Testimony from Bangladesh - Pastor John - Pastor John has effectively used GRN materials to enhance his witness of Christ for many years. Through his hard work and faithfulness to the great commission, many people have heard about Christ and become born-again.
  • Sounds of Siberia - GRN personnel in Siberia are part of a network of local and expatriate people who share a common goal - to make the truth of Jesus Christ known in every Siberian nation in its heart language. That's about 32 language groups. Read more about the distribution of GRN materials in Siberia.
  • Ministry Update: GRN Around the World - Ethiopia: Sheba Recording Project; Togo: Penetrating the darkness; Thailand: Language helper becomes a Christian; PNG: Digging deeper;
  • Maybe Someday... - Les Williams of SIM Hope For Youth in Ethiopia writes about how she was able to use GRN recordings in their ministry.
  • No Longer Worthless! - Uu a key contact for making GRN recordings for his Moken people, shares his thoughts.
  • The Rest of the Story - Recordist Swapan Roy tells of the enemy's attempts to thwart their recording of the Mathura language of North India.
  • Thanks For Nothing! - Gerry Gutierrez reports on the success of the 2009 Culiacan Project and God's answer to prayers for peace in the region at the time of this outreach.
  • Getting the message out... on CD! - Come rain, hail or cyclone, Gospel CDs get through!
  • Afghanistan and the 'Talking Cards' - Enjoy this quote from a friend of the ministry who trekked in Afghanistan in 1978.
  • Ethiopia's Itinerant Evangelists - Partners in taking the oral gospel all over this East African nation.
  • Running into problems. Again - I knew in my heart that the Devil would attack me again and again in this battle to make this recording.
  • Testimony of a GRN worker in Nepal - Barnabas Shrestha writes about his experience trusting the Lord with GRN in Nepal.
  • The GRN Story in Nepal - The work of Gospel Recordings Nepal began in the 1960s when recordists from GR USA started researching and recording some of the different Nepali languages.
  • A Burden is BornA Burden is Born - "We wanted to distribute the Goran recordings on CD, along with more aid for the widows and orphans. We also wanted to do more recordings in the Goran language."
  • A Pastor's Story - One pastor from Kosova records the story of his remarkable escape.
  • For such a time as this - Sodalo Clement, National Director of GRN Togo, is passionate about making Jesus known in Togo and Benin.

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