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  • Outreach in Sierra Leone - The second night we showed the same Jesus Film with one Old Testament story on Joshua. We had over 11,000 people watching the film again. The 197 counselors and 60 prayer warriors could not count all the people that accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Recording plan update - Update from Elda and Veronica, recordists from Argentina - now in Peru
  • Reports of an outreach in Togo - Our team held a distribution outreach among the Tala:Agomeglozou in the region of Afagnan.
  • Totota outreach and later report - Letter about Totota outreach where workers fled from nearby shooting.
  • Report from a Restricted Country - A GRN worker, in a place that cannot be named, escapes bullets on land and water.
  • Out of Africa - Exciting news from Togo and Zambia.
  • Stuart Mill passes into glory -- with thanksgiving - Today we salute Stuart Mill. While there are tribes still to be reached, there will be a need for gospel recordings.
  • Taking the Gospel to the Pwo Karen - Jim and Louise Morris (OMF) received their field assignment to take the Gospel to the Pwo Karen people of northern Thailand. Another missionary had analyzed the language and gave Jim and Louise six language lessons before he left.
  • Outreach in Benin - This outreach to the Ohoyidje (Ije) in Benin, close to the border with Nigeria was special because of the participation of three pastors from the USA -- Apostle Donald Lee, John Loewen and Alice.
  • GRN Thailand - Thailand is a key centre for many ministries working throughout Eastern and South East Asia and the opportunities for GRN ministry abound.
  • Jesus makes a difference in Sierra Leone - Exciting results of a recent outreach in Sierra Leone.
  • Return to the Solomons - Report on the return to the Solomon Islands by recordist Kim Knight and diector Graydon Colville.
  • Outreach and distribution in Dangme - The impact of four days of ministry and 10 people trained in doing evangelism using audio and visuals.
  • How can they hear... ? - When Sue Barnes, Canadian Recordist, was based in Kenya, she travelled to some very remote areas to record the Gospel of Salvation for tribal groups who may otherwise never hear of Christ in their own language.
  • Devoted... to God? - Many do and say things that are certainly not consistent with the character and purposes of God as revealed in Christ. History shows that 'Christendom' has also acted in ways contrary to the character of God.
  • It's just what they need! - Among migrants in Mexico
  • A Good Place to Vacation ???? - On my last recording trip in Mexico, I discovered that Maruata, Michoacán would be a great place to vacation. Unfortunately, New Age hippies have known this for years.
  • On a Dangerous Mission - Deep into the north of this restricted-access country, our team traveled through the night by train. Temperatures were below 40 degrees and the wind pierced my skin even though I was wearing seven layers of clothing.
  • Sowing Seeds of Christian Truth in the Arab World - God has been stirring us to pray and to focus resources on the Middle East and North Africa. Although this is where Christianity first began, it is now an area in great need of being evangelized.
  • Reports from Sierra Leone - With many of the GR SL staff exiled in Guinea, the leader writes a first-hand account of his experience.
  • Good News is on the Way! - The Jegu people of Chad in West Africa are pretty special to God, but they don't know it yet!
  • Workers together with God - "Language Recordings material is a wonderful tool for spreading the Gospel and it has been my privilege to use it and see it being used to great effect in Kenya."
  • A Pilgrim's Progress - Searching for peace in India.
  • Delivered from a Deadly Disease - "Vinod lost hope and began to contemplate suicide. On his way to drown himself in a well, he met Anand, an evangelist, to whom he poured out his heart."
  • The Name above all - A miraculous story of how Jesus came into the life of a Sherpa boy and the Gospel has now spread through his family and all about the area.
  • Somewhere Out There - Over 30 Tribes Could Soon Be Hearing the Gospel for the Very First Time!

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