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  • It all Started with that Little Cassette - A missionary's story from West Africa.
  • Half the battle is getting there! - Every language that our teams record has its own story, each with difficulties as well as joys. Indian recordist Swapan Roy shares the flavor of a recent trip.
  • Multimedia brings God's Word to Non-readers - Dan and Kay Finley, working with Lutheran Bible Translators in Guatemala, develop audio/video media to bring the good news to those who don't read.
  • "Tell me the story again, Yawishi." - "At Xakapa's invitation, I retold the story of Elijah and the widow of Zaraphath in Spanish and then listened intently as he masterfully told the entire story to us and to his family in the Mastanawa language."
  • Sing me a story! - "If you had put the Gospel to music, the people would be touched very deeply, much more than if they just hear it read to them."
  • Letter from Bangladesh - Muhammad was a Madrasa student who accepted Christ. Now he has started work among the Bihari people. He uses GRN picture books with Urdu cassettes, because he says they are effective in helping people understand and remember the message.
  • A story from New Caledonia - Ian Flaws "takes a stand" for distribution of Paicî audio materials and booklets - with amazing results.
  • Recording in Togo - No car available for a week? Take a motorbike! The Togo team go all the way to make valuable recordings in 4 languages.
  • GRN Indonesia - The Good News brings two Korowai people to Jesus.
  • "There is a God who loves our people!" - "Look at this picture! There is a God who loves our people!"
  • God's amazing ways! - Hira Khadgi from GR Nepal delights in God's timing!
  • Inspiration - First hand testimonies from Zimbabwe, Togo and Egypt.
  • I went to visit a Kazak family - "The Father told me that by the way I speak I must be a Christian. I had Jesus spirit. He told me he belonged to Islam and that he didn't know Jesus spirit."
  • Privileged! - Jottings from the prayer journal of a Brazilian recordist telling of her recent trips.
  • Changing Planes - African style - Arrivals? Departures? Noel Bachelor is not sure whether he's coming or going.
  • Changing a Filter - African style - It is amazing how the simplest job can become so difficult. At home, to change a fuel filter on a diesel vehicle may take 15-20 minutes. Not so in Africa!
  • Electricity?... What electricity? - How do you run a recording studio when your electricity is available for only an hour at a time?
  • Fruit from the work in Guinea Bissau - "The word is out and we have lots of missionaries and pastors from all over the country coming get cassettes"
  • Cassettes for the Yine in Peru - "We took the cassette in Yine and tried to get close to her but as she could not understand us she paid us no attention. So we turned the cassette on and at that moment she went quiet and turned and stopped."
  • Cultural damage or religious freedom? - "Culture is by definition dynamic, and those who see it as otherwise do not see people - they see animals on exhibit." A thought-provoking update from a Recordist in Brazil.
  • Gospel Recordings Work Among Tibetans - "Last year the 90-year-old plus missionary went to be with her Lord, but the work carries on."
  • Mark's Story - "I had a very critical time when my father left me alone with my two and a half year old brother and went somewhere else and never came back to look after us."
  • Mandinka Ministry in Ghana Town - A cassette, a stange dream, and an important choice.
  • Far from civilization... but not far from God - The Mashco Piro still live in the stone age. Not even their neighbors try to have any contact with them.
  • Going digital in Africa - Ten weeks of training, provision of all sorts of new equipment - there are many challenges to this training course.
  • Putting unreached peoples "on the map" - Now it is possible to locate unreached peoples accurately and really put them "on the map!"
  • Short-term mission... Liberian style! - Curfews don't stop the spread of the gospel.
  • More tales of the sea - "I met Chinese officer who regularly visits Melbourne and is connected with a small struggling church in China. I gave him a set of the eight Mandarin LLL recordings."
  • For the Record - In the past, most of our Recordists were Westerners. This is no longer the case. The majority of our field workers are African, Asian or South American.
  • Not for the faint-hearted! - Swapan reports on an eventful recording and evaluation trip in India

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