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  • For such a time as this - Sodalo Clement, National Director of GRN Togo, is passionate about making Jesus known in Togo and Benin.
  • They really speak clearly! - A Chinese language ... the internet ... and a heart connection.
  • Goran Outreach - In the south west corner of Kosova is an area around the towns of Dragash and Brod with around 28 villages, half in Kosova and half in Albania, which are home to approximately 30,000 Goran people.
  • Recording in Slovenia - This is a recording project we had been hoping to do for quite a long time.
  • Serving Other Missions - Our hand-crank players help spread the Word in lesser-developed areas of the world.
  • "Baptized" in the Nile - Many have been delighted to hear sermons and songs in their own Dinka dialect.
  • Once upon a time... - Tracking down the GRN recordist who made Dinka recordings nearly 30 years ago.
  • Delivering the message of the Bible. Whatever it takes! - For the last 65 years, intrepid recordists from Gospel Recordings traveled from coast to coast in the South American continent.
  • Sharing God's love with the peoples of the Amazon - There are many impossibilities in making contact with the indigenous Indians. Our love of Christ and His command for us to go into all the world compels us to find a way.
  • Praying for the Indian children of Mexico - Each year, GRN Mexico holds a month-long outreach in the migrant worker camps near Culiacan, Mexico. This year they sent out thousands of prayer cards with pictures of Indian children urging Christians to pray.
  • His Name is B C - The story of a young man totally rejected by his own family because he turned to Christ.
  • After the Tsunami - "Tears brimmed his eyes as Uu shared with us the situation of his Moken people."
  • Alaska Revisited - The vision is still alive after 60 years.
  • Borana Bliss - "There are no words to express how delighted we are that you are providing MP3 format messages in the Borana language."
  • Oscar's Journey of Faith - "Now, 35 years later, I still remember these stories as a result of having listened to the records so often. In one way, thanks to these stories I am now a missionary."
  • The Sheba Recording Project - Three GRN recordists from Sierra Leone traveled to Ethiopia earlier this year where they recorded the good news of Jesus Christ in twenty-four languages during a six-week period.
  • Sheba Recordings: The full report - Andrew Kanu reports on the Sierra Leone team's recording trip to Ethiopia.
  • To Honduras with love - Together with a big group they had listened for two hours, being very fascinated and very excited about it!
  • "Now he belongs to Jesus!" - An an old fetish priest gives his heart to the Lord, but remains troubled over his many past wicked deeds.
  • Notes from a difficult country - "We had no electricity all summer, which gave us problems for editing. We now have 3 languages to finish. We planned to go for recording in June."
  • Recording needs in Vanuatu - Chris Mason tell us some of the feedback he's received recently about the need for recording in this South Pacific country.
  • Crossing Borders - A Muslim helps us get the gospel into four villages.
  • Mobile Global Language Library - "Right now I think we are the only family in the world that has the ability to give a CD in any of 4,000 languages right from our truck!"
  • Light in the Darkness - GRN's Kim Knight and Jones Sanga set out to visit the Weather Coast. Their aim was to record several languages in the area surrounding Avuavu.
  • Solomon Islands Cult: The Moro Movement - As related to Kim Knight by Pastor Raphael, son of Patrick Bubuli.
  • What an Impact! - This powerful testimony comes from Jacques Nignan the national director of one our West African centers. It tells of the impact the word of God has when people hear it in their language.
  • People saved and Churches planted - One 95 year old man heard the Gospel and believed. He told the team, 'I am 1 day old in Christ!' and begged them to take the message to his own village where the people needed to hear about Jesus.
  • Mountains of Abra Rejoicing - The tale of an old lady, a hand-wind cassette player, and some audio recordings in her mother tongue.
  • God at work in Sierra Leone - How would you feel if 400 people came to your open air meeting and 15 of them indicated that they wanted to follow Christ? Stories like this make heaven rejoice.
  • The Kriol Baibul Dedication - What better occasion than the Katherine Christian Convention (May 5-7 '07) for the Dedication of the whole Bible translated into the KRIOL language.

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