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Gospel resources in different languages is a comprehensive catalogue of Christian audio files, with the aim of "Putting a recording of every language on-line.". Ninety five percent of the world's population can hear their own language on this site.

Faith Comes By Hearing offers downloads of audio Bibles in nearly 300 languages, and other audio-related ministry tools.

Inspirational Films allows you to watch or listen to the "JESUS" film in any of more than 800 languages.

SPARK is a Scripture Promotion And Resource Knowledgebase. It can help you reach the lesser-known language groups with God's Word through the use of oral strategies.

The Bible Gateway and The Unbound Bible are sites for reading and researching scripture online, in dozens of languages and many translations. Both site have search facilities. See also the Virtual Christianity: Bibles for other online versions and languages.

World Bibles is a comprehensive directory to help you to find God's Word in over 2,000 languages.

World Language Movies is an extensive extract of GRN audio and video in nearly 2000 languages, including some videos with sign language for the hearing impaired.

Language and People Group information

Chronological Bible Storying is a methodology for presenting the gospel to oral communicators through the use of Bible stories.

Ethnologue has many resources to help you with your research of the world's languages. The Ethnologue is owned by SIL International, a service organization that works with people who speak the world's lesser-known languages.

Global Mapping International is a Christian inter-denominational missionary research agency, with a priority to serve evangelical mission ministry leaders in the developing world.

Harvest Information System is a cooperative effort of several organizations who share a desire to facilitate the task of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the peoples of the world. HIS assists mission sending groups in fulfilling their portion of the task, by improving the sharing of information through the standardizing of categories and codes.

Joshua Project aims to identify and highlight the people groups of the world that have the least Christian presence in their midst and to use this information through data sharing and networking to encourage pioneer church-planting movements among every ethnic people group. gathers and analyzes information about people groups which is collected through a global network of research coordinators. These coordinators obtain information from approximately 5,500 IMB field personnel, local evangelical partners, and others.

General Missions information

30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus has information about the Muslims, major Muslim countries and people groups. The goal is to stimulate prayer for the Muslim world.

Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse exists to impassion and equip local churches and missions to adopt all remaining unreached people groups, through prayer, partnership, provision and personnel, for the purpose of church planning.

Internet Evangelism Day allows you to find out about what God is doing on the web, how you and your church can use the web for outreach, and what outreach strategies work online.

Network for Strategic Missions is a global movement of grass-roots leaders ministering to those without access to the gospel. This site connects people with those who work among the unreached.

Operation World has as it's primary purpose to promote prayer for the world.

Story4all is part of a growing network of believers throughout the world who are committed to bringing the Story of God to all peoples ... orally.

The Communication Strategy Network has strategy resources for effective communication of the gospel.

Other Audio Missions

Radio Voice of Christ serves Persian-speaking people in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and the Gulf by bringing them into a life-changing encounter with the living Christ through Persian radio broadcasts and the Internet.

World by Radio is an association of international Christian broadcasting organizations who are committed to seeing that every man, woman and child on earth is provided the opportunity to turn on a radio to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way and language they can understand.

Other Audio Equipment Ministries

The Christian Technology Center develops technology related products to solve problems encountered by missionaries and others in reaching people with the gospel message. GRN has worked in partnership with the CTC to develop the Saber hand wind player.

my-iBible designs, develops and manufactures easy to use audio devices, and preloads them with audio bible contents.

MegaVoice International provides audio tools such as the Ambassador to deliver life messages to those who need them. MegaVoice works in partnership with GRN and other audio missions to make the gospel message available in thousands of languages.

Getting Involved in Mission

The Finishers Project provides US Christian adults information, challenge and pathways for discovery and processing of opportunties in ministry and missions - short-term or as a second career.

Second Wind Network helps Aussie believers in their 40s, 50s and 60s use their life and career skills to share their faith in cross-cultural situations. Their website includes an on-line Introduction Agency for mission to help you "find your fit".

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