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It is estimated there are over 12,000 spoken languages and dialects in the world.

GRN has recorded gospel messages and/or basic Bible teaching in more than 6,000 languages and dialects.

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This list shows all known names of the languages and dialects. An icon indicates those with recordings available.

Ndumu: Kuya [Gabon]

Ndumu: Nyani [Gabon]

Ndun [Nigeria, Kaduna] (see Nandu) Recorded language

Ndunda [Nigeria, Taraba]

Ndunda [Tanzania] (see Vidunda)

Ndunda (ISO language code "nuh")

Ndundulu [Zambia] (see Luyana: Mdundulu)

Ndundusana [Congo, Democratic Republic of] (see Pagibete: Ndundusana)

Ndunga [Congo, Democratic Republic of]

Ndunga (ISO language code "ndt")

Ndura [Kenya] (see Pokomo: Ndura)

Ndut [Senegal] Recorded language

Ndut (ISO language code "ndv") Recorded language

Nduumo [Gabon] (see Ndumu)

Nduupa [Cameroon, Nord] (see Duupa)

Nduya [Nigeria, Kaduna] (see Duya) Recorded language

Ndu-Yah [Nigeria, Kaduna] (see Duya) Recorded language

Ndxhonge [Mozambique] (see Tswa: Ndxhonge)

Ndyak [Guinea-Bissau] (see Manjaco: Batam) Recorded language

Ndyanger [Mauritania] (see Wolof: Ndyanger)

Ndyuka-Trio Pidgin [Suriname]

Ndyuka-Trio Pidgin (ISO language code "njt")

Ndzale [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest] (see Nzare) Recorded language

Ndzawu [Mozambique] (see Ndau) Recorded language

Ndzem [Cameroon, Est] (see Njyem)

Ndzundza [South Africa] (see Ndebele: Southern) Recorded language

Ndzungle [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest] (see Limbum) Recorded language

Ndzungli [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest] (see Limbum) Recorded language

Ndzwani Comorian (ISO language code "wni") Recorded language

Neabo [Cote d'Ivoire] (see Guere: Neao) Recorded language

Neao [Cote d'Ivoire] (see Guere: Neao) Recorded language

Neao [Indonesia] (see Bauzi: Neao)

Neapolitan [Italy] (see Napoletano-Calabrese: Napoletano)

Neapolitan (ISO language code "nap") Recorded language

Neapolitan-Calabrese [Italy] (see Italian: Calabrian) Recorded language

Near-Eastern Gypsy [Iran] (see Domari) Recorded language

Nebaj [Guatemala] (see Ixil: Nebaj) Recorded language

Nebaji [Peru] (see Orejon: Nebaji)

Nebee [Malaysia] (see Keningau Murut: Nabay)

Nebes [Indonesia] (see Kokoda)

Neboa [Solomon Islands, Temotu] Recorded language

Nebome [Mexico] (see Pima de Mexico) Recorded language

Nebotgete [Vanuatu] (see Letemboi) Recorded language

Nebraska [United States of America] (see Ho-Chunk: Nebraska)

Nedderdütsch [Germany] (see Saxon, Low)

Neddersassisch [Germany] (see Saxon, Low)

Nede [Vanuatu, Malekula] (see Nide) Recorded language

Nedebang [Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Timur]

Nedebang (ISO language code "nec")

Nédebang [Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Timur] (see Nedebang)

Nedek [Cameroon, Centre] (see Yambeta: Nedek)

Nederlands [Netherlands] Recorded language

Nedersaksisch [Germany] (see Saxon, Low)

N.E. Dian: Yi [China, Guizhou] (see Miao: Hua Yi) Recorded language

Nee [Cameroon, Ouest] (see Fefe: Nee)

Neeakani [India, Andhra Pradesh] (see Neethakani) Recorded language

Neelishikari [India, Andhra Pradesh] (see Pardhi: Neelishikari)

Neethakani [India, Andhra Pradesh] Recorded language

Nefarpi [Indonesia, West Papua] (see Mimika) Recorded language

Neferipi [Indonesia, West Papua] (see Mimika) Recorded language

Nefol [Vanuatu, Malekula] (see Neiouleiene) Recorded language

Nefusi [Libya] (see Nafusi)

Negeri Besar [Indonesia] (see Kokoda: Negri Besar)

Negeri Lima [Indonesia] (see Asilulu: Negeri Lima)

Negeri Sembilan Malay [Malaysia]

Negeri Sembilan Malay (ISO language code "zmi")

Neghidal [Russia] (see Negidal)

Negidal [Russia]

Negidal (ISO language code "neg")

Negidal: Nizovsk [Russia]

Negidal: Verkhovsk [Russia]

Negidaly [Russia] (see Negidal)

Negira [Papua New Guinea, Sandaun] (see Ningera) Recorded language

Negri Besar [Indonesia] (see Kokoda: Negri Besar)

Negrito [Philippines] (see Zambal, Botolan) Recorded language

Negrito [Philippines, Olongopo/Zambales] (see Magkonana) Recorded language

Negrito [Philippines, Palawan] (see Batak) Recorded language

Negrito [Philippines] (see Visayan: Aeta of Panay Is.) Recorded language

Negrito [Philippines] (see Agta, Central Cagayan) Recorded language

Negrito: Magkonana [Philippines, Olongopo/Zambales] (see Magkonana) Recorded language

Negueni-klani [Burkina Faso] (see Wara: Negueni-klani) Recorded language

Nehan [Papua New Guinea]

Nehan (ISO language code "nsn")

Nehan: Pinipel [Papua New Guinea]

Nehina [Indonesia, Sulawesi Tenggara] (derogatory name for Tolaki) Recorded language

Nëhup [Brazil] (see Hupde: Nehup)

Neiouleiene [Vanuatu, Malekula] Recorded language

Neisu, Xiao Hei [China, Yunnan] (see Yi: Xiao Hei) Recorded language

Nejamajawe Serui Darat [Indonesia, West Papua] (see Ajao Group) Recorded language

Nejuu [Mali] (see Senoufo, Mamara: Nejuu)

Nek [Papua New Guinea]

Nek (ISO language code "nif")

Nek: East Nek [Papua New Guinea]

Nekedi [Cote d'Ivoire] (see Bete, Gagnoa: Nekedi)

Nekelim [Indonesia, West Papua] (see Mooi Group) Recorded language

Nekgini [Papua New Guinea]

Nekgini (ISO language code "nkg")

Neko [Papua New Guinea]

Neko (ISO language code "nej")

Neku [New Caledonia]

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