Nambikuara: Sarare language

Language name: Nambikuara: Sarare
GRN Language Number: #16342
ISO Language Name: Southern Nambikuára [nab]

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Jesus - Feature Film in Nambikuara, Southern - (Jesus Film Media)

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Dialects related to Nambikuara: Sarare

There are 8 similar spoken languages or dialects which share the same ISO language code as Nambikuara: Sarare.

Nambijuara: Halotesu
Nambikuara, Southern: Alatesu
Nambikuara, Southern: Galera
Nambikuara, Southern: Hahaintesu
Nambikuara, Southern: Khithaulhu
Nambikuara, Southern: Waikisu
Nambikuara, Southern: Wasusu

Information about Nambikuara: Sarare

Other information: People_Bilingual.

Population: 150

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We do not currently have any recordings available in this language.